Do you love to add garlic on the food you prepare but hate the smell that lingers after you eat? Or do you always add garlic to most of your recipes for a more appealing smell. Well, whatever the case is garlic has always been a favorite ingredient around the globe. Garlic adds flavor to your dish while giving you the appetizing smell while you’re cooking.
Apart from adding flavor to your dish, garlic is also believed to be healthy for the body. Studies indicate that garlic can ward off cancer and can provide us with many other health benefits, By eating garlic, our body can produce more natural hydrogen sulfide which is important for fighting cancer. Some of the known types of cancer that reacts positively to natural hydrogen sulfide are colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. Hydrogen sulfide fights cancer cells and eliminates them in the process.
You might wonder why hydrogen sulfide can possibly fight cancer when in fact it is toxic in high concentrations. But then, you should know that the hydrogen sulfide produced by our body serves as an anti-oxidant which can eliminate toxic waste from our body. Garlic is also good for the heart and can help relax our blood vessels so that blood can normally flow in our body. In University of Alabama, Birmingham, a research conducted has shown how red blood cells react when exposed to garlic juice. The red blood cells produce natural hydrogen sulfide that is crucial in fighting cancer. Studies are still being conducted at present to prove how garlic can prevent heart attacks. With high hopes, garlic can help protect our heart from heart attacks and illnesses.
Below are some of the other health benefits you can get from eating garlic:
1.) It reduces high cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.
2.) It also helps expel worms and different parasites.
3.) Remove warts and reacts to fungus making it one of the best anti-fungal remedies which can be easily prepared at home.
4.) Eliminates high level of mercury and lead concentration in our body.
5.) Serves as natural antiseptic killing some strains of bacteria in our body which is proven in a research wherein bacterial infection was reduced after taking garlic.
6.) It can help regulate blood sugar levels in our body.
Although some don’t like the smell of garlic when added to recipes but undeniably many of us love to add garlic to the food we prepare. Garlic can be minced to smaller pieces so it won’t be noticeable when being added to the food you cook and your kids won’t complain about its taste.
Start being health conscious and know the things that can make you healthy and cancer-free. Of course none of us want to get sick with cancer so start loving garlic now. Teach your children also to love garlic and make it a habit to take a clove of garlic a day. Garlic can surely make you healthy and strong.

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