Although many people may be familiar with counselling, not everyone has heard of or even taken advantage of telephone counselling. Doing a counselling session over the telephone can offer great benefits such as additional privacy and mobility in addition to confidentiality and access to a full counselling session. If any of these benefits seem to appeal to you and you are in need of some counselling or guidance, you might consider a session over the telephone.

Telephones offer a certain amount of privacy in and of themselves. When you speak over the telephone, you don’t necessarily need to see the face of the person that you are talking to. In that respect, doing telephone counselling allows you to retain a certain amount of anonymity with your counselor. If you are not comfortable meeting with a counselor face to face, but still wish to get the help that you need, your telephone might be a great way to complete a session.

If you decide to use a mobile phone, you also have the added benefit of basically carrying out your session wherever you please. You can stay inside your home, if you want. At the same time, if you want to take a walk or complete your session from somewhere such as the park, you can do that if you want. It’s not going to matter to your counselor where you are or where you go so long as you stay on the phone for your session.

Even if you are completing your counselling session over the phone, you can still expect the same amount of confidentiality that you would receive if you were meeting with your counselor face to face. Of course, it’s always safe to check on your counselor’s privacy policies, but in general your counselor should let you know about the confidentiality of your sessions.

You also still have access to the same length of a session through telephone counselling as you would get by meeting with the counselor in person. You shouldn’t feel slighted just because you prefer counselling over the phone. You should expect the same length of a session as any other client would receive.

There are many benefits to taking advantage of telephone counselling. This method of counselling offers added privacy, mobility, confidentiality, and access to full counselling sessions. You should be able to try this counselling out through a free mini session from your desired counselor. If you are in need of some help, then get some counselling right away. With the benefit of being able to do it over the telephone, you might just be glad that you did.

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