The benefits of meditation are numerous. Meditation is an ancient tool that has been practiced in many forms since recorded history. It is only been recently that the Western world has started to embrace meditation as a tangible healing tool. There are many styles and techniques with meditation practice, the one similarity is the desire to slow one’s mind and find inner peace and tranquility.

There really isn’t any right or wrong way to meditate, it is simply about finding a way that suits you and are comfortable with. You don't have to sit in a lotus position to meditate, you can either sit, stand or lie down. You can benefit from meditation practice as little as 10 minutes during the day.

When starting to learn meditation, it can help to listen to a guided meditation either with a meditation teacher or with a guided meditation CD.

The following are some of the health benefits of regular meditation practice:

•Improved physical healing and pain relief
•Greater mental clarity and focus
•Increased sense of peace and wellbeing
•Reduced stress and anxiety
•Slows down the aging process
•Strengthens your immune system
•Improved and deeper sleep
•Heightened creativity
•Greater spiritual connection and spiritual awareness
•Heightened psychic and intuitive perceptions

Author's Bio: 

Brad Austen is a meditation teacher in Frankston, Victoria, Australia. He specializing in new age channelled meditation and guided visualization. He has a number of guided meditation CDs available to listen to and purchase to suit beginner and more advanced seeker. For more information, see his