Tom Moore wrote a couple of cool books that are helping me fine-tune my intentions these days.

The Gentle Way and The Gentle Way II are “self-help guides for those who believe in angels.”

I love the niche of the titles: if you don’t believe in angels, pass up these books. But I don’t think believing in angels is crucial to using the method Moore describes.

In short, he suggests that you ask for a “benevolent outcome” for whatever you are about to do or request.

For example, I might say, “I ask for the most benevolent outcome in writing this blog post.”

Or you might say, “I ask for the most benevolent outcome in meeting with my potential new employer.”

There are many ways to word these requests, but basically the phrase “benevolent outcome” is key.

“Benevolent” means, in my own words, highest good. So you’re asking for the highest possible good to come out of whatever you are doing or requesting. (My favorite word is “benestrophe” which is many good things happening at once; the opposite of a catastrophe.)

When you’re asking for a benevolent outcome, you’re releasing your ego’s need to control the result. Yes, you still want what you request, but you’re open to something better.

There’s a freedom in using this method to set intentions. Too many requests are based in fear and desperation. Bad move. The energy hiding in such a request will either block your desired outcome or bring you something to match the feeling of desperation and fear. You don’t want either.

I wrote in my book The Attractor Factor, and in many other places, that you can have virtually whatever you want, as long as you don’t need it.

The key word is need. When you need something, you are putting life and death stress on your request.

Instead, state your request with the disclaimer that you are open to the best possible outcome, which may be something you don’t see right now. The ego has blinders. The Divine does not.

The beauty of the method Moore describes is you get to make your request and remain open to something better.

Moore wants you to ask these requests of your guardian angels. I’m all for it. I’ve been doing it just that way, too. But if angels are a stretch for you, consider that you are making the requests of your unconscious, wiser, higher, deeper mind. Either way, you get the benefit.

Here are tips from Moore on how to make these requests:

Request the Benevolent Outcomes out loud, whisper, or in writing.

Start with easy requests for immediate feedback.

Be very specific with your request.

Make requesting Benevolent Outcomes a habit.

Requesting a Benevolent Outcome with emotion and feeling reinforces the request.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the impossible.

You can request that the outcome be even more than you can expect or imagine.

Thank your Guardian Angel for fulfilling your request.

Experiment with benevolent outcomes today. Before your next call, or email, or visit, or anything, ask “I request the most benevolent outcome for…”

I am experimenting with being very specific while still letting go of attachment.

For example, I might state, “I request the most benevolent outcome with my writing songs that inspire and are fun and hit the Billboard charts.”

Moore's books are breezy reads. They are great places to learn more about the specifics of this easy method, and to see countless examples of them in use from people like you and me. I recommend them.

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