Bengaluru city known as the Information Technology hub of the country or also called as the Silicon Valley of India is the capital city of the state of Karnataka. The city is already home to major industrial and manufacturing companies, famous educational institutions, and many more new innovative ideas and startups. People from all over India migrate to city especially the working class professionals to kick start their careers.

There have been a lot of infrastructural improvements which has also resulted in an increase in the price and demand of land and properties especially apartments as working people find it affordable and convenient to maintain. The city keeps changing each and every day with new developments in infrastructure such as connectivity, roads and transportation.

Bengaluru city with its history of having high traffic, creates a slight difficulty for people to commute in time to destination. Even with the latest project which is the almost completed metro link connectivity of Namma Metro city is infamous for its traffic. The problem is that few areas either do not have major connectivity or less – improved roads to the metro stations and other public transportations are not so frequent. The metro trains help a person to commute easily and fast but it covers only half the way. Travelling to or from the metro station to some areas is a tiresome thing some time because of the less frequent transportation because the metro rail is still nascent in Bengaluru city compared to other cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

So a new citizen initiative called STAMP which is the Station Access and Mobility Program which along with many entrepreneur and organization is set to solve the problem. The initiative also encourages people of Bengaluru city to come up with different ideas for providing better connectivity to and from the metro stations depending on each outlet. For example the station in the MG road is closer to restaurants and shopping malls and are at a walking distance so the improvement can be made in creating better pavements and walkways. Same way the metro station in Byapannahali is situated like 3 or 4 kilometers away from the closest residential area. So more improvement is needed there by using integrated transportation system with more buses and plans of introducing feeder system are in the talks so just like these ideas. People are also expected to come up with more reliable and useful solutions.

So along with the civic engagement of many entrepreneurs and organizations, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation shortly known as BMTC and the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation known as BMRC are progressive and fully fledged in making the transport system better to access. So they have planned to initiate twenty buses which will act as a feeder service between Nayandahalli and Baiyappannahalli. Four other buses will act as a link to areas in and around the Vijayanagar metro rail station and many other services in other areas. This plan would help commuters in the city to travel easily to the metro rail station.

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