‘She’ was having dreams about compassion...

His Holiness the Dalai Lama appeared in her dreams and said,
“Create a media piece around compassion.” She agreed. As the thoughts
rolled over her minds eye, ‘she’ started to explore images on the internet
that were associated with the word...compassion. A few seeds of
inspiration were in ‘she’s’ minds eye. In the middle of the screen, a photo
appeared of a crystal skull with the name of ‘Compassion.’ Intrigued,
‘she’ explored Joe’s website and then sent him an email asking if ‘she’
could meet compassion.

After a few email exchanges, they agreed to meet after the New Year. It was shortly after, the celebrating the victory of defeating the proposed Hopi Constitution 24A on January 27,2011, that Joe reached out to see if ‘she’ was ready to meet compassion. It just happened that ‘she’ was headed to Ojai to visit some friends and decided to meet Joe and Compassion on the drive up.

They met on a sunny afternoon by the sea...a perfect place to meet the ‘Crystal Sailor’ and ‘Compassion’ from Atlantis. ‘She’ decided to connect third eye to third eye, she melted into Compassion’s skull---tears of joy rolled down her face. When ‘She’ merged with Compassion a flock of assorted feathered friends arrived and appeared to create their own private sanctuary by the sandy shores of Santa Clarita Beach. With an electric shot of love embedded in her soul, from the shockwave that Compassion sent to both of their hearts. Compassion will be a compass for many to help them return to their heart.

-Listen to an interview about this trip: ( http://suzannetoro.com/wordpress/2011/03/04/besimply-compassion/ )

-Suzanne Toro

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Toro, a Shamanic Broadcaster, Sound-Intuitive Healing Channel, Writer, Poet, Food Alchemist and “Co-Creator” in projects inspired to transform and rejuvenate humanity and planet earth. Creator of revolutionary Bare Naked Dinners, a tantalizing culinary experience designed to inspire conversation and laughter, during which guests can lower their walls and open up to one another in a positive and enriching manner while dining on a sumptuous cuisine.

Suzanne studied under Deepak Chopra, Saul David Raye and the Alliance for New Humanity, facilitated in creating a global network of change agents. She is also trained in Theta Healing and has taught healing practices both remotely and in-person.

-Projects she has Co-Created: Apl Foundation, Jeepney Music, Chopra Center New York, Product and Media Development Chopra Center, CharityFocus.org, Project Peace on Earth, Visionary with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Project Reel, Music Video and TV Development and Production (4 solo videos with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas), Alliance for New Humanity, and Random Acts of Kindness, Evolution of Revolution, Teen Now, Courage Network, Seva Cafe and AlgaeSystems. Author of Bare Naked Bliss.