BeSimply…Half Past Human with Clif High

It was a warm summer day in Roberts Creek. “She” had arranged to have a meeting with a mysterious being named “Phong”. He was sharing his vision for a platform dedicated to finding the connection between dreams, serendipity and world events. During their discussion Phong shared with “She” a link to an interview with a gentleman named, Clif High from Half Past Human. As Phong, described to “She” that he had an analysis program (an ALTA) that studied the psychic leaks of the humans using the internet.

Over the next few days, “She” shared this information with “He”. They suddenly became intrigued by the information Clif was sharing. “She” enjoyed the first interview “She” listened to, Clif’s non-attachment and the certainty in the information being presented resonated with “She”. It was after hearing the data forecasted an up and comping tipping point (with a lot of release language) that, “She” became even more intrigued with Clif’s work. As “She” followed his forecasts and observed how the events were unfolding and how the release of this information was altering the course of events to some extent or moving them to other locations around the globe. Clif’s data presented a level of objectivity and omitted information that could possibly skew the forecasts. Like the weather these forecasts can change because as Clif will acknowledge we are an energetic universe that creates itself and collapses on itself over and over…there is always the potential for a different outcome.

One evening, “She” and “He” had a deep spiritual experience as they listened to and interview by Veritas. Clif’s candor, emotion and love for humanity was shared in this interview. A key factor to remember is that Clif was completely detached from being right or convincing any one of anything. Ultimately, this led “She” to finally request an interview. Their conversation flowed for well over two hours. “She” was left with a million more questions.

“She” would like you to meet Clif High, a man from Washington State. He often refers to himself as an old bald guy that likes to cook, sail, and explore higher states of consciousness. His scripture is a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, buy silver, know where your towels are and Fearless Living. “She” would describe him as an Asymmetrical Sage in the kitchen and out, a playful child, with a occupational side affect of depression potentially induced by his honorable commitment in this moment to his work (which requires him to emerse himself in horrific data). “She” would describe him as a “Fearless Hero”.
To hear the voice behind the mystery man….grab a chair, a cup of tea or coffee and stay awhile, I guarantee you will want to hear more.

-Listen to an exclusive interview with Clif High.

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Suzanne Toro is a creative global visionary and strategist who has a commitment to humanity and the environment with an emphasis on human spirit, global transformation, and assisting in healing the planet. Her life purpose melds writing, design, travel, teaching, and assisting in healing. Her focus currently revolves around embracing tradition and reaching beyond old paradigms. With a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University, a Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor certificate, extensive energy healing studies and practices, coupled with her natural healing gifts and her intuitive nature, Suzanne utilizes this knowledge base in all of her endeavors.