Self Love...Finding Your Inner Sanctuary

Today, I embark on a journey inward and drive across the desert to find some solitude. Taking the time to commune with Self. Solitude of the many vehicles, I like to drive in to find my center and reconnect with my landscape.

Often times, we forget that our life will afford us the time to just “be” or take time to just “be” with self.

I take this moment, to find peace within all that is unfolding in my life and within the world. I take time for self, to find clarity and remember parts of myself that I have forgotten or never knew existed. I take this journey inward to remember how to vibrate at my highest expression of self.

It is within these brief moments that I reconnect to my inner road map which enables me to re-emerge with more to give to self and others.

While, I find the open highway and mother nature as the perfect mirror to remind me of my inner beauty and humility...there are many simple ways to integrate solitude into our daily life. You can take a walk, commune with nature, connect with the stars, practice yoga, give self a massage, meditate, make a meal and the options truly are endless. Which provides all of ‘US’ with the time to commune with SELF.

How can you create a moment of solitude for Self?

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Toro, a Shamanic Broadcaster, Sound-Intuitive Healing Channel, Writer, Poet, Food Alchemist and “Co-Creator” in projects inspired to transform and rejuvenate humanity and planet earth. Creator of revolutionary Bare Naked Dinners, a tantalizing culinary experience designed to inspire conversation and laughter, during which guests can lower their walls and open up to one another in a positive and enriching manner while dining on a sumptuous cuisine.

Suzanne studied under Deepak Chopra, Saul David Raye and the Alliance for New Humanity, facilitated in creating a global network of change agents. She is also trained in Theta Healing and has taught healing practices both remotely and in-person.

-Projects she has Co-Created: Apl Foundation, Jeepney Music, Chopra Center New York, Product and Media Development Chopra Center,, Project Peace on Earth, Visionary with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Project Reel, Music Video and TV Development and Production (4 solo videos with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas), Alliance for New Humanity, and Random Acts of Kindness, Evolution of Revolution, Teen Now, Courage Network, Seva Cafe and AlgaeSystems. Author of Bare Naked Bliss.