Forex trading is supposed to be one of the toughest career options of all times. Those who are linked with the market either directly or indirectly have managed to attain their current status after years of struggle and hard work. According to a research, over 95 percent of the new traders quit trading in the first three months of their career. It’s not difficult to become a trader rather it is as easy as ABC but to survive in the forex world, you have to work really hard. When it comes to survival in the market for years, you must possess a whole lot of different skills. Now the question is, how will you learn all those skills that are mandatory for forex trading? Well you have to learn them. You must learn all the trading strategies, aspects, tools to become a great trader.

Learning is the key to success especially in the forex market. You need to read books, talk with experts, do research, read news, read magazines, use internet and do whatever you can to be on the top of the forex trading. Also, these top ten great tips of all times will help you a lot. These suggestions are of great importance whether you are a newbie, professional or an expert trader.

1. It is believed that forex trading is all about attitude, positive attitude. Your positive attitude will provide you with lots of things that other traders lack. If you are joining the market to double your investment in six months, sorry forex is not the market for you. You need to change this attitude of earning quickly. Most of the traders fail because they come with a mindset of earning $5K per month. And when they don’t get what they are expecting from the market. Consequently, they get de-motivated. They don’t put their 100 percent in what they do. All you need to do is avoid this kind of attitude.

2. Start forex trading as part-time initially. After a few successful months, make it a permanent alternate of your nine to five job. Don’t make the mistake of quitting your current job, as most of the traders do.

3. You must have a proper, thorough and detailed written plan. Where you see yourself after spending three years in the FX market? What is your capital? What are your expectations about the market?

4. Learn a few great forex strategies. Forex strategies play a very vital role in your trading career. These strategies can be found in books, magazines, forums, can be learnt from experienced traders and of course, you will learn a lot by yourself with the passage of time.

5. Choose your broker wisely as broker plays an important role in all your trades. Read reviews about the broker and do proper research before opening an account.

6. Always use forex demo accounts when switching brokers. You can explore all the features, pros and cons of the trading system and trading platform via demo account without any fee. Only convert your demo account into a paid account if you are satisfied with the system and other features.

7. You must develop a risk management policy to protect your capital.

8. Portfolio diversification is the key to success. Invest in different currencies instead of investing millions in a single currency pair.

9. Use technical and fundamental analysis as much as you can. Forex indicators, charts, expert advisors, robots and others will help you a lot.

10. Patience and consistency are the two major pillars of your FX building. Forex trading is all about patience and tolerance.

This is not all, there are hundreds and thousands of other tips as well. You need to keep looking for them. Keep doing proper research and never stop the learning process. Keep earning, keep growing.

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