Apple iPhone 3 games impressed the hardcore gamers, but most people that iPhone game development really took off only after the launch of iPhone 3GS. This was the first version of iPhone that allowed users to download heavy games within a few seconds or, at the most, minutes. With the launch of iPhone 4 and 4S, it became possible to develop heavyweight, graphic-rich, and fun games for iPhone. However, if we look at three of the most popular iPhone games, we realize they would have delivered provided a superb gaming experience on iPhone 3 as well!

While the latest version of the world's most popular smartphone can support highly complex and heavy games, the users still opt for simpler and lighter games. The best iPhone games have not reached the top by exploiting all the features of the latest iPhone device; their popularity doesn't depend on the new technology or greater processing power of the smartphone. What separates these games from the thousands of games littering the App Store is their simplicity and addictiveness.

A person who has never played games in his entire life can learn how to play these games within five minutes. And once he starts playing such games, he finds that it is difficult to stop. It doesn't matter whether he is playing games on iPhone 3 or iPhone 4S – the gaming experience is perfect on both the devices. Consequently, the three iconic games listed below will never go out of fashion – they have found a permanent place in the heart of every iPhone gaming enthusiast.

Angry Birds: This game is absurdly simple, and it is simply absurd. As a player, you use a slingshot to fire birds at pigs. You need to squash those pigs (don't ask why) by making something heavy fall on them or by hitting them directly with the birds. You can approach the problem of squashing the pigs from different angles, you can practice your aim, and you can revel in the absurdity of the whole game. Angry Birds can never go out of fashion.

Fruit Ninja: This game was released more than 2 years ago, but it sees substantial downloads even today. There are not many iPhones out there that do not have Fruit Ninja. This game makes the most of the touchscreen: you use your finger as a ninja sword to cut and slash through fruit. The simplicity of the UI and gameplay make it one of the most downloaded iPhone games of all time.

Plants vs. Zombies: This is one of the few games that are as fun on iPhone as they are on PC. It is a tower-defense game – players battle angry zombies by planting zombie-zapping plants. With over 50 different levels, but a simple and engaging gameplay, this is one of most popular iPhone games ever.

These three games have impressed and entertained players belonging to different age groups and different nationalities. Over the years, the popularity of these games has increased, and there is a good reason for this. Whether you are stuck in the stone age playing these games on iPhone 3 or you are enjoying them on iPhone 4S, they still function perfectly and continue to entertain.

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Kevin is an expert iPhone game app developer for hire, working at iPhone Application Developers. He has worked on several game development projects, and he is passionate about developing simple, engaging and addicting games.