One of the easiest techniques for generating free traffic is article marketing. It can take you just a couple of minutes to come up with great articles depending on your research and typing skills. Article directories are very helpful when it comes to getting articles to achieve high ranking on search engine results.

Article marketing has two major benefits:

  1. Your resource box helps you generate direct traffic
  2. You can also generate links that would boost your ranking on search engines result pages

A good number of online marketers only embark on articles submission for backlinks; they tend to ignore focusing on articles optimization for enhanced traffic to their webpages. Indeed, you can generate massive volume of direct traffic from your article marketing. At times, your articles submitted to article directories may end up ranking more than your own webpage.

Here are the top tips for expert article marketing:

  1. Excellent keyword research
  2. Quality content – make your content unique and avoid spun content
  3. Your articles should feature well-constructed titles as well as good keyword density
  4. Create voluminous articles – writing one or just a couple of articles will not produce good result. Consider writing as many as 100 quality articles
  5. Your resource box should be enticing, and should offer incentive for clicking on the featured link
  6. For possible result-oriented article marketing, it is necessary to implement the above elements. These elements are interdependent. In other words, choice of excellent keywords is very important, just the same way it is to construct captivating titles, make the content valuable and create enticing resource box that features an incentive to click.

    Adhering to these tips, you will generate more traffic compared to when you are submitting articles solely for backlinks. It is not time-consuming to research keywords, construct captivating titles, as well as create inviting resource box.

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