When it comes to scarves for women then you need to wear it in most stylish manner. For head scarves styling, be as much creative as you can. You can go for forehead scarf styling, simple head scarf styling or you can have banded scarf styling. Right from retro styling to boho
styling, each and every girl can try out million in a number of different looks with her scarf.

How to wear perfectly scarves on your forehead?

To wear a scarf on your forehead, first, you will be folding your scarf in a long way position. This folding should be done in 3 inches width by width position. Now you can wrap up your scarf just around your forehead. Do tie up this scarf with the back side of your head.

How to style up a scarf on your head area?

If you want to position your scarf on head area of yours then in the first step, you have to stretch out this large scarf of yours quite around your forehead area. Now just bring these ends of your scarf around to the side of your back head. Finally, tie off your scarf right in the firm and comfortable position. The bow of your scarf should be at the lower back side of your head. Your scarf has to be resting at the nape side of your neck.

How to wrap up your head by using a scarf?

To wrap up your head by using a scarf, here is the simple way for you. In the first step, you will be folding down your long scarf in these longways pose. You have to wrap this accessory just around the hairline of yours. Now, in the second step, you can tie off your scarf just at the nape side and area of your neck. Finally, you can pull off the ending area of your scarf just to one side and portion of your neck.

Make a bow shape of your scarf ends. This bow shape will give you an extra and added a cute look. Stay tuned because more styling ways regarding headscarves for women
will be shared.

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