Whether you’re a trained chef or a self-professed foodie with a great appreciation for scrumptious, creative and artfully presented dishes, weekend breaks should go hand in hand with gastronomic explorations. No matter where you’re headed, a weekend getaway offers the perfect opportunity to taste your way through the gastronomic offers of your destination, allowing you to return home with a refreshed, satisfied palette and new cooking inspirations.

The UK is known for its gastronomic versatility, with a wide selection of international cuisine available in all major cities and multicultural towns. The UK caters to every taste and can impress even the pickiest of palettes, it’s just a matter of knowing where to go for a delicious non-traditional breakfast, a hearty lunch or an elegant dinner. If you’re currently planning your next escape, here are the best areas of the UK for weekend gastronomy breaks!


There’s much more to the UK’s most beloved beach town, Cornwall, than Cornish pasties and clotted cream to enrichen your breakfast scones with. Next to tourist attractions such as the Eden Project and The Minack open-air amphitheater, people flock to this historic town for its contemporary cuisine based on fresh, local produce from both the land and the sea. Cornwall truly offers the best combination of carefree holiday vibes and fine and casual dining.

It’s a place where the old blends with the new, where talented chefs offer exciting reinterpretations on traditional dishes and innovative recipe fusions for the modern palette. Paired with wonderful seafront, woodland or town views, your Cornish gourmet get-away will make for a pleasant experience with many an Instagram-worthy café or beachside backdrop.


If the thought of deliciously prepared seafood makes your mouth water, head to the Norfolk area, where the famous Cromer crabs cruise the shallow water of the chalk reef before landing on your plate ready to delight with their piecrust shells and soft, white meat. Served with bread and butter, a squeeze of lemon juice or mayo, Cromer crabs will give you a real taste of the Norfolk culinary experience.

If you happen to be in the area on the first Saturday of the month, make sure you visit the Creake Abbey Food Hall and Farmer’s Market and treat yourself to whatever your little foodie heart desires by perusing the 50+ stalls selling everything from local cheeses and sweet and savoury tarts to meat, vegetables and pre-prepared dishes.


Home to Castle Howard and Shambles, a famous shopping street that dates back to the middle ages, the historic county of Yorkshire begs to be explored on a weekend getaway. Spend the morning exploring its canals on a passenger boat then treat yourself to a hot, creamy coffee in one of the many cafes around the city. For an unforgettable gourmet experience in an idyllic setting, you can’t go wrong with visiting one of the luxury hotels in the Yorkshire Dales.

Nestled in the Nidderdale Valley, The Yorke Arms offers meditative views of the English countryside and an award-winning restaurant led by Michelin starred chef, Frances Atkins. Whether you’d like to sample an exquisite tasting menu after a day of hiking the countryside or would rather enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch made from local produce and served with all the trimmings, The Yorke Arms Restaurant will tend to your culinary needs.

The Cotswolds

The villages in and around the Cotswolds area of England are reminiscent of those described in many works of classic literature, so it’s no wonder it has been recognized as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) since 1966. This is a place where children and adults can live out their fairytale fantasies by visiting historic castles, picturesque gardens and enchanted forests that are sure to spark the imagination.

A full day’s worth of wandering around this charming area and mentally sleighing dragons and conquering castles, is bound to generate an appetite – luckily you have come to a place that feeds not only the imagination but growling stomachs too. Start out with a cheeseboard featuring the Double Gloucester cheese you see rolling down Cooper’s Hill once a year and slowly work yourself up to a full menu with Bibury trout and Hobbs House bread – two local favourites.

Feast Your Way Through the UK

As you can see, the UK is full of exciting and attractive areas to stroll through en route to your next gourmet destination. Start planning today and make it your goal to feast your way through the UK in the new year!

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