If you’re moving, either house shifting or relocating, you should analyze, which is the best area where you can get properties for rent in Qatar in order to suit you. In this country has been a law encouraging of its past to buy property in certain areas, that is under discussion right now and expat has more flexibility in. So Till then, as one of the real estate companies in Qatar especial in selling or renting in specific regions of this country, we are here to give you several pieces of advice about where to choose a house according to your interest, lifestyle and, of course, budget.

Codification regarding the right of expats owner or properties for rent in Qatar changes.

The Council of Ministers met and expands both the number of regions where expats are authorized to buy or properties for rent in Qatar, but also the area of properties that an expat can buy. Hence, while now foreigners could only buy apartments/houses or villas, in the close future they are also authorized to buy land for investment in Qatar not only for offices, shops, residential purposes, units, and villas in residential areas. This pliability brings a new type of opportunity in real estate is expected to increase in a striking manner.

What’s the benefit of this modification in real estate legislation for expats?

First of all, it is a chance for expats, but also for locals. Extending boundaries for investment in Qatar real estate means more business and also a better return on Investment (ROI) in this field. Secondly, expats can open a new business and also own a residence in various areas of Qatar.

What you should analyze when looking for apartments for rent in Qatar, anyway the area where you are to live in?

There are elementary factors and this short survey from you should do for yourself and also address us, on which you should point out basic questions. The rest of the solutions, you can find it in our work. If you are single then you might be very comfortable with a studio apartment. In Qatar the buildings of apartments are new and the surface is greater than you might expect (over 50 sqm).

In case you are living with your family, the number of family members and the previous living style is the criteria you should consider. If you are living in a villa, you should also rent a house in Qatar, not an apartment. Here you might include special comforts, such as porter for the building, gym on the premises or parking slots.

Also, for your house, you might like a huge terrace or a marina view. Time spent at work or driving might also be a criterion. In Qatar, driving is a pleasant experience differentiates to other countries and you can drive from a place to another easily. In case you find a place that suits your needs and it is in your budget, driving along Skyline can be a pleasure.

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