When you are planning a move, one of the most important questions is often how to get your second car to your new home or your boat, RV, vintage car, or other motorized vehicles. First Auto Transport Inc. takes the stress out of moving your precious vehicles by offering reliable auto transport services.

At First-autotransport.com, we use both open vehicle transportation and closed vehicle transportation methods, depending on your needs. Open car transporters are the type that automakers use to transport new cars to dealerships, while closed car transporters keep your vehicle even safer from the elements and may be more appropriate for your classic car or other high-value vehicles.

Our First Auto Transport vehicle transportation services are available for almost any type of vehicle including cars and trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, you name it, we can move it. We offer door-to-door auto-shipments, as well as domestic and international auto-shipments.

We are often asked how long it will take to move your vehicle from your old home to your new home. That depends on distance, and your First Auto Transport moving consultant can provide you with an auto transport quote that tells you exactly when your vehicle will be loaded and delivered, with guaranteed dates.

In general, however, it usually takes 3-7 business days to transport your car from pickup to delivery at your destination. And if we are late for the delivery of your vehicle, we will provide a rental car at no cost to you.

First Auto Transport's car transportation is safe and fast, so it comes with coverage if repairs are needed due to damage - your vehicle will have a covered valuation with a zero deductible per vehicle, and the valuation will be included in your ship quote.

We make billing simple when it comes to car transportation services - you'll receive a single bill with all your charges without the guesswork.

As you research different car shipping companies, you will get different car shipping quotes for the services you want. The following are some of the factors that determine shipping rates:

The distance between collection and delivery - This is one of the most important factors that determine the shipping fee. In most cases, a long distance is a reason you are using a car transport company in the first place. Distance directly influences how much car transportation will cost to get to your new destination because there are specific fuel and labor costs per mile.

The type and condition of the car: Transporting a larger vehicle tends to cost more than shipping a smaller car. This is due to the weight of your car in the listing.

Luxury / Exotic / Antique: Also, the type of vehicle to be transported determines whether the car transport company will use an open or closed transporter. Luxury cars and exotic cars, among other expensive vehicles, are generally transported in closed containers, while it is more affordable and reasonable to transport normal cars in open containers.

Condition - Many auto transport companies also take the condition of your car into account in their quotes. For example, an inoperable vehicle may cost more as the carrier may have to use a winch.

In any part of life, it makes sense to use the right tool for the right job. At First Auto Transport, we are experts in moving all kinds of household belongings and more - and that includes your precious motorized vehicles! That is why we use car transporters to transport most vehicles.

Contact your local First Auto Transport Inc. agent today for a quote on our auto transportation services that go beyond automobiles.

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First-autotransport.com team makes car shipping seamless, Just like we've always done, we'll handle the logistics of transporting your car so that you can relax.