Piles are the swollen bunch of blood veins that are found in the Anal Canal part of the body.
The blood vessels in the anus are very soft and gentle which helps in smooth defecation of the stool from the body. These get irritated due to the passing of stool from that area. Piles can be different in sizes. Piles are also known as hemorrhoids. Around 40% of the Indian Population is affected by this disease.
Symptomatic Anal Cushions.
Haemorrhoidal venous cushions are normal structures of anorectum and universally present in all persons unless previous intervention has taken place.
It is a common anal pathology but many patients are embarrassed to seek medical attention.
Straining And Constipation
Low fibre diet

Less bulky stools

Straining at defecation

Increased intraanal pressure

Decreased venous return

Enlarged hemorrhoidal venous cushions
Symptoms Of Internal Hemorrhoids
 Painless bleeding- color, timing, quantity.
 Prolapse.
 Perianal pruritus and irritation.
 Discomfort.
Acute pain when incarcerated/strangulated.
Symptoms Of External Hemorrhoids
 Thromboses external hemorrhoid may present with acutely painful mass at rectum.
 Skin tags.
Physical Examination
 P/R-done in Sim’s position.
 Anoscopy.
 Proctosigmoidoscopy.
Treat only symptomatic haemorrhoids
 Nonsurgical
 Surgical
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