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The education landscape is ever evolving and has been opening new avenues for the learner. It is indeed an exciting period to be a student, but this also increases the responsibilities of the educators to include pedagogy that is best suited for the students to become future leaders of this exciting new world.

Ever since their advent, boarding schools have been known to provide conducive learning environments, advanced sports and co-curricular activities, focus on overall personal development of students and instill sense of equality, establish leadership qualities, impart life skills, good mental health and social skills. The learners also develop broadened views of the world and embrace cultures across the world. All these are requisites for stepping confidently into the global market and for being global leaders who are successful individuals as well.

With each passing day, boarding schools are continually enhancing and upgrading their services to the learning community to breed exceptionally qualified professionals and great human beings. Boarding schools help students to deep dive into learning and holistic growth.

Residing away from home and family with peers ensures excellent personal growth. Children develop qualities like discipline, time management, independence, caring and respect for all, and emotional intelligence.

Any boarding school needs to assure the parents that their children are in safe hands and will be developed into successful individuals and professionals. When students are away from their hometowns/countries and families they need safe, comfortable and loving environment which they can call their second home. Boarding schools provide all these and furnish independent, responsible, caring young individuals. Establishing a home away from home is no cakewalk. But boarding schools have never left any stone unturned to live up to the expectations that one has from such schools.

J. Addison School has the right credentials to offer first class education, well-qualified teachers, personalized approach to learning and produce well-rounded individuals. It has been relentlessly striving to maintain its standards and upgrade the existing school system to meet the demands of the changing world. J. Addison is one of the best boarding schools in Canada that is committed to develop the character and civic sense in young minds besides providing excellent education and a feeling of belonging. All that matters to the school is the success of its students. The school focuses on four factors - emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing of the resident students.

In recognition of the tireless efforts of J. Addison School, we at The Knowledge Review, have come up with this special edition titled - Best Boarding School of Canada. We are sure you will find this edition very interesting, and if you are thinking of admitting your child in a boarding school then J. Addison is just the right place.

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