We all had a major setback in the year 2020 due to the pandemic. But, as time goes on, things change but the problems that the past has caused may take time to get healed. This situation is worse in the case of a working woman, where balancing parenthood and work together is not so easy.

Several women quit the job and start focusing on becoming good mothers, but there are a lot of women who have succeeded in balancing both tasks comfortably. Several women have written several relatable true stories as well as non-fictional stories to motivate other women going through the same situation.

Here is a list of some of the best relatable books for working women.

1. The Push By Ashley Audrain

This book is a psychological drama written by the author Kristin Hannah. This book is based on the effect of mindset while building a bond with someone. It is the story of a new mom, Blythe. She was highly concerned about why she isn't able to make a good bond with her daughter, for which her husband pointed out that the problem is in her mindset. The book discloses whether it was due to her mindset or it was something else that was stopping her from being close to her daughter. This is a great book for mothers and it costs around $18.

2. License To Parent By Christina Hillsberg With Ryan Hillsberg

This book sets a great example of how to use occupation as a parenting tactic to establish a great confidence level and learn important life skills. In this book, the parents were professionally spies, who were using spy tactics to teach their kids on how to tackle situations in life. In real life as well, the authors were working for the CIA, and they applied spy tactics in nurturing their kids into confident kids. The book motivates parents to teach their kids in their way, as there is no guideline for teaching.

3. Think Like A Breadwinner by Jennifer Barrett

In the current generation, women are no longer behind men. As per a survey, around 50% of working women in the USA are also the main breadwinner of the house as well. But, the problem is, they are not prepared to take up the role of a breadwinner. So, with this book financial expert, Jennifer Barrett has written some lessons on how to overcome own biases, and start earning wealth with full potential. This book boosts confidence in women to take up the superior role in earning with some financial advice.

4. The Three Mothers by Anna Malaika Tubbs

We all know Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X, and James Baldwin, who played an impactful role in the fight for civil rights. But, do we know, who was the reason behind the determination of these heroes? This book is about the unsung heroes, their mothers, who taught them to be resilient and visionary since birth. This is the biography of three mothers, Alberta King, Louise Little, and Berdis Baldwin. This book describes the role of a mother in the success and mindset of their kids and also this book celebrates black motherhood.

5. To Raise A Boy by Emma Brown

This book is based on how to raise a boy to a good human. The author was a reporter in the Washington Post and also a mother of a 6-week old son. It was that time when the #metoo movement started, and she started taking interviews with coaches, educators, researchers, parents, and some boys on "how will I raise my son to be better?". This book states the way of guiding a baby boy to a gentleman.

6. That Summer By Jennifer Weiner

This novel is based on sharing experiences between two friends, one as a working mom, while the other leading a kids-free life. Daisy Shoemaker, who has a cooking business and also a mother of a baby, bumps with Diana Starling, a power broker without any kid. Within a short span, they build a strong bond together, and as they started sharing each other's experiences, Daisy Shoemaker was completely impressed with Diana's glamorous life. It was a coincidence that they met, but later it felt like destiny. The New York Times stated this novel as the best-selling book.

7. The Working Mother Ultimate Guide To Working From Home: How to Survive in Your Job, Care for Your Kids, and Stay Sane

Working from home for a working mother isn't easy how it may look. But, proper management and will to work will play a key role in becoming a strong working mom. This book is much straighter with its point of helping working mothers, who are struggling hard after this pandemic in 2020. This book is more like a guide, that states solutions to several problems written by a team of writers and editors from Working Mother. Manage things properly while working from home and handling a baby together by following the tips highlighted in this book.

8. Laundry Love: Finding Joy In Common Chore by Patric Richardson with Karin B. Miller

As the name suggests, this book is based on laundry activities and the hacks of doing it quickly. Laundry activities are highly related to mothers, but that does not mean they should clean a pile of clothes for a whole day. In this book, the authors have written down several tricks and tips on laundry activities to reduce the overall consumption of time doing laundry. This book contains loads of tricks to remove stains, removing wrinkles, and also making laundry a fun task to do. This is a great book to manage time for a working woman, instead of spending most of the day with a washing machine.


All working moms, especially new working moms face a lot of issues with managing time that leads to taking some hard calls. But, there are a lot of books that motivate, and help these mothers to manage the time properly, instead of taking wrong calls, especially after this pandemic. In 2021, start the year with reading such books, that will help moms to focus equally on the job as well as on the baby. All the books listed above are highly rated by the readers and also by different magazines, making them more reliable for working mothers.

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Jennifer O'Shea is a freelance writer and owner of TWL . TWL covers the basics: motherhood fitness, & balancing work. TWL also sells Zyia Activewear clothing and is co-owner of an Influencer Facebook Group, Influential Mamas.