A Brass Pipes & Tubes is a hollow round bar made of brass alloys with the letter "O" in cross section. According to the requirements of GOST 494-90, general-purpose pipes are produced, and thin-walled drawn tubes are manufactured Brass Pipes & Tubes Manufacturers in India.In "Absolut Metal India" brass pipes with different diameters are sold .
Comfortable conditions buy brass pipe
Thanks to the established logistics channels, Absolut Metal India is able to organize industrial deliveries of this rolled metal to any regions of the country. You can buy brass pipes in India at competitive prices. The price list contains brass pipes made using different technologies:
• horizontal casting;
• hot deformation (extruded);
• cold deformation (drawn).
We keep in a warehouse in Mumbai a constant reserve of nomenclature items of metal, which allows us to deliver goods to customers for urgent orders as quickly as possible. Brass Pipes & Tubes Manufacturers in Mumbai. We work with companies of various forms of ownership and with individuals, selling rolled metal products wholesale and retail. Brass Pipes & Tubes Importers in Mumbai. In the catalogs of the online store, domestic and imported brass pipes are sold, the price of this material will be a good argument in favor of concluding long-term contracts with Absolut Metal India.
Brass pipe: features and characteristics
with an outer diameter of 21 to 195 mm. Due to the increased wall thickness, which varies from 1 to 45 mm, this steel can withstand a wide range of pressure drops. Brass Pipes & Tubes Suppliers in Mumbai. The price list also offers thin-walled brass drawn pipe made using cold rolling technology. The diameter of such tubes is 3-100 mm, with a wall thickness of 0.5-10 mm.
We sell pipes from different brands of brass alloys:
• L60, L63, LS59-1 and LZhMts59-1-1 (pressed);
• L96, L68, L63 (thin-walled);
• L63 and L68 (drawn and cold rolled).
Such rental is used in the production of automobiles and in the electric power industry, in the production of railway transport and in the construction industry, in shipbuilding and in the food industry.
Application of brass pipes
A wide range of rolled products, sold by "Absolut Metal India", makes it possible to buy brass pipes for the production of various types of products.
On our site you can buy various types of metal. L68 pipe and other grades of this non-ferrous rolled metal are used in products for which high anti-corrosion properties of brass and its strength, resistance to deformation and mechanical damage are important.
This material is used in various industries, it is used for making:
• plumbing equipment and decorative structures;
• heat exchangers and car radiators;
• furniture fittings and water taps;
• monomeric springs and elements of engineering systems;
• waveguides for radio installations and art products.

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