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The progress of business in any country goes in tandem with the progress in business education. Realising this, educational institutions in the country have pepped up their curriculum and training systems while many new management institutions have also come up to meet the growing demands.

From barter system to globalisation, from mercantile to industrial capitalism and start-ups, the Indian business scenario has undergone a seismic change. In the 18th century, India and China were known to be the largest manufacturing economies in the world. But later the country went dormant for quite some time.

Going back to history, the business prospects in India had led to the British’s East India Company taking charge.

As per the research in the book, India Means Business, India and the East Asian countries had almost 60 percent share of the world economy two thousand years ago. Now India and these East Indian countries are rising again. If the learned economists are to be believed, India is expected to be one of the economic superpowers in 2020-2021. India has indeed traversed a long way since its days of barter system.

India’s emergence in the economic zone began since the past few years with the introduction of start-ups and with this also rose the need to refurbish and enhance education in business management.

Many schools of management have been doing commendable work in training global leaders. Business managers can make better business decisions as they understand the economic theory and scenario better.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse impact on admissions to business colleges globally. But in India, the scenario is not yet that bad. In fact, 2.3 lakh students applied for CAT 2020, which may not be a big figure as compared to the previous years, but it is a decent figure compared to the world.

An integrative approach to education is the name of the game today. And business studies in India could never have been this good. The educators are also working tirelessly to incorporate innovations in their teaching methodologies to impart the necessary knowledge and skills required for being a competent leader at the global level.

Internships and live projects by companies for B-school students go a long way in training the students in the most appropriate way and give them first-hand experience of the present market scenario. Colleges, now, also focus on making the students industry-ready since this is the demand of time and it also equips students to take on the professional world with confidence.

In appreciation of these B-schools that are churning out the best in their management students, we at The Knowledge Review, came up with a special edition – Best Business Schools in India for 2021, that are continuously bringing innovations in their curriculum.

This is the right time to study business management in India and go global on the professional front.

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