It wasn’t that long ago that starting your own business was a highly complicated process. You would have to purchase an office, buy inventory and hire employees to aid you with tasks. The good news is that this era is long gone. These days, you can find a wide array of software programs that are designed to help you with everyday tasks in a business. From accounting software to marketing tools, there are numerous business software solution available in today’s market. It has never been easier to operate a business and some of the best business software programs that will assist you are:

- Kit
One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is to find the right audience to sell to. Your business could break down if money isn’t coming in, but marketing is no easy task for a new business. Creating one ad doesn’t mean that you will hit the jackpot right away. Luckily, there are marketing tools such as Kit, which can be useful in automating your business’s marketing process. It serves as a marketing assistant by creating product ads, sending reminders to post on social media and even offers discounts to customers.

- QuickBooks
Numbers are an important aspect of every business, no matter which industry it is in. You need to keep records of how much money is coming in and going out and this is where QuickBooks can help. It comes with hundreds of templates for all kinds of reports that you may ever need during the course of business. QuickBooks helps in managing your contacts, handling tax issues such as filing returns, payroll management and creating a budget. You can keep track of your accounts payable and have all your records in one program.

- Microsoft Office 2016
Another software that you simply cannot go wrong with is Microsoft Office 2016, which is an upgrade from its 2013 version. The interface has remained mostly the same, but the new version comes with some more administrative features. One of the key elements where Microsoft stands out from the rest is its document sharing. When you sign up for Microsoft’s subscription service, Office 365, you will be able to store documents in a cloud and give others the invitation to access them. They can be viewed, edited and changed in real time, which is incredibly convenient and secure for a business.

- TabScanner
An OCR receipt scanner has become a requirement for businesses these days and there is no better option than TabScanner. It is one of the most advanced and accurate options and comes with a cloud-based receipt API. There is an advanced verification system implemented, which allows the TabScanner to validate receipt totals. Hence, human verification is no longer required. Plus, the program captures plenty of receipt data such as address, telephone number, URL, payment method, date, discount, total etc. which can be extremely helpful for a business.

- Zoom
This business software is ideal for video conferencing and can be used free of cost. Zoom can be used by a business for communicating with remote employees, networking, conducting interviews, communicating with clients or talking to business partners. You will not experience any glitches or other issues as with other programs and it saves you the cost of having to travel for meetings as video conferences can now be held with ease.
- HubSpot
This particular program is available for sales, marketing and customer support. They even come with business tools such as Website Grader that can analyze your website’s performance. HubSpot’s software programs are designed to assist you in increasing website traffic, acquiring new leads and managing and closing your leads.

- TurboTax Self-Employed
Every business has taxes to deal with and the good news is that you no longer need an expert to help you out because of the availability of software programs. TurboTax is one such solution and it has won numerous rewards for the features it has to offer. It is a great program for preparing your tax returns and it also comes with some other features that are undoubtedly helpful. TurboTax offers its users expense tracking as well as an ‘It’s Deductible’ feature that identifies deductible expenses. There is also a ‘SmartLook’ feature that gives you the option of communicating with a tax expert in real time if you face a problem.

- Infusionsoft Complete
This software program is also aimed at marketing and maintains a live-record of your interactions with customers. This gives a business insight into its clients and learn their preferences and quirks to offer them a more personal experience. It monitors your website, records the number of visitors, sales, how long every visitor stayed, which enables you to modify your website to ensure it remains customer-friendly.

Businesses can use these software programs for improving their operations and ensuring they run smoothly.

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