Humans love to give titles to everything and everyone both living and non-living things. Giving a title to a specific person, pet or a thing is completely necessary for specific identification because names are doing the major role to deny each person's identity.

For example, you can not call only "human" to every single human so we make identification like " This is Jack, that is Bobby, that one is Mary etc". Naming is also fun as long as the ones you chose for others are not offensive which can hurt mentally to that person.

Having a new kitty then these beautiful creative best names for the cat will bring wonderful lifetime identity to call. I should give special thanks to Hey Meow cat site. That website gave me a lot of cat name ideas. I linked that site here so even if you wish, you can take a look at that cat blog.

Funny cat names

Felines are little fluffy jolly fun loving creatures. Funny names are adorable and can make you smile whenever you call your kitty even on the worst day.

Catty Purry - I hope Katty Perry won't mind if her name goes to super adorable kitties.

Peanut- Normally it is common for dogs but nothing wrong to call a cutie feline like that.

Cleopawtra- Cat once ruled Egypt just like this historical beauty queen. Cat version is more adorable for sure.

Sassypant- Perfect for those furry fellas which are sassy and bossy but actually silly.

Fuzzy pants- This is the name of Ragdoll from Nine Lives movie. It reflects sensitive, moody, attention seeking personality.

Black cat names

Black cats do not steal the soul, they steal heart and love. They are elegant, mysterious and majestic feline just like real jungle black panther. They really deserve a majestic title to call them too. Check out amazing titles for your lucky black kitties.

Spook/spooky- Most suitable choice for Halloween fun lover cat parents.

Mystic-For fur baby girls which have velvet coal black fur and mysterious beautiful green eyes.

Blackie- A name that matches the color.

Midnight- From Catwoman film of superstar Helly Berry though real midnight from the movie was a tabby. The beauty of midnight with sparkling stars matches with the mysterious beauty of black felines.

Ninja- Cats are super active and playful. They love and jump, run just like the ninja from Japanese movies. Ninjas wear black clothes so these active mini panthers are totally same with shadow walker warriors.

Ginger cats names

They are little sunshine of our lives. Orange or ginger kitties are actually tabbies with unique red hair genes which can be found only in red-headed people. So special mini tigers should have special names which match with color.

Marmalade- Tangy, sweet yummy orange jam can give you wonderful feeling when you eat. And orange color tabbies can also give you amazing moment when you cuddle them.

Pumpkin- This cute name is inspired by sweet creamy vegetable which is a famous icon of the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Chubby ginger cats are round and cute just like a pumpkin. Pumpkin spice is another diversion which has full essence of fall.

Azrael - Originally from one of the archangels but it turned out to be funny villain orange tomcat from famous Smurf movies. He is a naughty baby but smarter than his human wizard companion.

Nick Wild- Although the original one is tangerine color handsome fox from Zootopia, I chose as a kitty name because I fall in love with cuteness and smartness of that adorable badass fox.

Weasley- Famous redhead family from Harry Potter film series. The main significance of this Weasley family is entire family members and even cousins have reddish orange hair.

Girl cat names

Are you looking for the prettiest name for the new fur baby girl? These lovely titles that I am going to present might help you to choose.

Iracebeth- The red queen aka The queen of heart from " Alice in Wonderland". Some felines are bossy and moody just like the queen.

Mirana- The graceful, kind white queen from "Alice in Wonderland".

Luna- This adorable name is from both Harry Potter movies and Sailor Moon manga series.

Judy- Nick's beloved partner a clever bunny police officer from Zootopia.

Genie- This is inspired by jolly, kind-hearted fun loving djinn from Aladdin animated film which is one of best memories of 90 kids' childhood.

These wonderful name ideas may bring a suitable one for beloved furry friends. Some of them may common but some are unique for those who are searching special titles for cats. Have fun and enjoy the reading.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.