Beautiful hair is a reason to be proud of for any man, no matter whether you are a Hollywood star or simple guy from high school. It should also be noted that there are some celebrities, who gained their popularity thanks to their marvelous hair. Nevertheless, wearing similar hairstyle will not make you famous. However, it will definitely make you more attractive and stylish. If you always wanted to stand out of the crowd, attracting women`s glances, try one of these celebrity inspired fashion haircuts for men. No matter what is your hair type, whether you have straight or wavy lock, you will find here something to fit your taste.

Hugh Jackman
The most popular Wolverine of the world – Hugh Jackman wears a pretty simple hairstyle in his everyday life. It combines features of all business and casual hairstyles, creating a perfect mixture. It works better on straight, heavy hair type. One more advantage is that it is very easy in maintaining. You don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror, styling every lock, in order to look hot. A little bit longer top and neat sides make such hairstyle remain popular through years. Few drops of pomade or hair cream is all you need to look marvelous.

Michael B. Jordan
One more iconic hairstyle for all Afro-Americans. Kinky hair is very difficult to style, nevertheless, Michael B. Jordan found the solution to this problem. If you want to get the same look, find the barber, who is good in hair sculpturing, because such haircut require peculiar skills. If it is done properly, you will get a little bit retro look with faded sides and voluminous top.

Jason Statham
No matter what your hair type is, you can easily embrace a badass look, just like Jason Statham. This hairstyle is brutal and daring just as well as simple in creation and plain in maintaining. You have to wear it with extreme self-confidence and appropriate cloth, and the effect will be incredible.

Justin Bieber
Famous singer of all young girls all over the world – Justin Bieber wears short trimmed hairstyle with longer top. Professional barbers call it much easier – a quiff. It doesn’t require too much styling efforts, the only thing you have to concern about are longer layers of your mane on the top. Use special pomade for matte look or style it up with wax or gel, for slick, a little bit shiny texture.

Zac Efron
Here is one more idol of young representatives of the beautiful half of our society. Yeah, it is impossible to stay away from his gorgeous, voluminous locks. Zac always wears one and the same haircuts, modernizing it a little bit from time to time. If you want to steal this look, make sure you have enough hair length. Try to create natural “just out of bed” image and lots of texture on the top – these are secret ingredients of Efron`s inimitability.

Now you know where to find an inspiration for your new hairstyle. Follow our tips and stay stylish like a real Hollywood star.
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