During a funeral, it is very difficult to make a decision regarding a coffin and a casket. Both are used for the same purpose to burry a dead body of a person. They differ in different aspects including design, shape and materials used. If you want to select a perfect one for your beloved person, you need to know about a coffin and a casket in detail.

A funeral occurs without notice, in this situation you will not get enough time to order for a special box. Caskets are one of the best choices preferred by most of them at this time. You can find good quality caskets for sale in Trusted Caskets made with different materials at affordable prices.

You will have a variety of options like 18 gauge, 20 gauge, cremation, oversize, kids and many other caskets to choose from as per your needs. Depending on what you order, you will get the delivery on time.

The general differences between a coffin and a casket are:


The word coffin is originated from the French term “Cofin”, which means basket.

A Coffin has six sides and contains narrow shape at the top, wider at the shoulder and appears slim at the bottom. As it looks slim at the end of the box, it is also called as “toe pinchers”.

It usually possesses a removable lid, now it is also available with removable hinges. These days people decorate it with ornaments, handles called as coffin furniture from the outside etc. In general, a coffin looks very simple with plain fabric and some lines. It is made with a metal or wood.


Casket is derived from the word “cassette”, meaning a small box, which is used to precious items including jewels, letters or some other objects. A casket is a rectangular box with four sides and even dimensions on all sides. It contains a split-lid, so that people can easily see the decedent during the funeral. The lids of the casket have hinges on a side. Caskets are made with different materials like metal, stainless steel as well as wood.


Due to its shape, coffin resembles the shape of the decedent, whereas caskets give even outline to it. Both casket as well as coffin is very helpful to maintain the weight upon the box. Few people believe that the removable lid of the coffin may provide less security to the container. So, it is also one of the reasons why people choose caskets instead of coffin.

A casket is costlier than a coffin, and it requires more material to make a container. Because of its flat shape from top to bottom, a casket possesses more space compared to a coffin, and thus it does not outline the shape of the body.

There are some differences among the two, if the people viewing the decedent are large in number. Then, the right option is open-casket. You can customize the container with different interior materials and ornaments as per your preference. Try to make a good decision on time without wasting your money.

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