Gamers are always in search of the best CPU that can make their system fast.
They would never like to make their system slow or sluggish. So, for this, every gamer uses a CPU cooler to make the performance better.
There are numerous CPU coolers introduced till now, and each of them is best according to the features.
But when we talk about the flagship CPU cooler for the 11th generation, a user must be a little attentive.
He should know all the features of these CPU coolers so it can be easy for you to decide.
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Before going deep, let’s discuss CPU coolers.

What are CPU coolers?

While using the computer for a long time and taking multiple tasks from it, a person can face a problem,
His computer may get heated, which will decrease the performance of the system. To overcome this problem, CPU coolers are used.
These help to maintain the temperature of a running system.
Here we will provide you the list of the best CPU coolers for Intel core i9-11900k that can cool down your system.

1. Corsair H150i Elite Capellix

If you are looking for the best CPU cooler in the market, you can test this one. This model supports the following features that can make your system cool.
• Fan speed 400-2400 rpm
• Controlled digitally by ICUE software
• Zero rpm fan profile
These are some best features of this CPU cooler, and users can give it a try and will love him, hopefully.

2. NZXT Kraken X73

It lies at the top of the list due to its top-class performance. Here we will discuss the best features of this CPU cooler.
• Noise level: 21 dBA
• Full CAM integration
• 3x Aer P fans
• RGB connector
These features are the best of this CPU cooler that places it at the top of the list.

3. NZXT Kraken X63

In the list of best CPU coolers, this company gives one more device with some extra features.
• 2x Aer P fans
• Fan speed 800-2800 rpm
• User-friendly control
These are some of the best features of this CPU cooler that place it at the top of the list.

Final words

Gamers often get confused while making a decision and getting to the best CPU cooler.
The CPU coolers mentioned above are best to use due to their performance and reliability.

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