This upcoming Christmas and how it will be celebrated around the world is unprecedented. The year-end gatherings you are used to spending with friends and family may become a challenge as cases of COVID-19 continue to soar unabated.

Given that Christmas, as we know it, has changed, so should how we buy and exchange gifts. Many people are shopping online and having gifts delivered directly to friends and family members to avoid unnecessary trips to the store. If this is the route you plan to go, here are some suggestions:

Home entertainment

With so many people trapped indoors and brick-and-mortar casinos only open on a limited basis, the online casino has become popular among gamblers. If you have a loved one who enjoys playing casino games online, why not buy them some bonuses from their preferred service provider? Combine this voucher with a Christmas e-card to let that special someone know you are thinking about them this holiday season. It will give them some additional playtime, the perfect way to spend their downtime over the Christmas period.


A subscription to their favorite publication or app is something few people will splash out on for themselves. This makes it an ideal gift. Having a magazine delivered or continued access to an app is a gift that lasts 6-12 months, making it the gift that keeps on giving well beyond the holiday season.

Clothes and accessories

Shopping online for clothes and accessories has never been easier, with an even greater range of retailers to choose from. Therefore, if you are buying jewelry or a scarf you know your bestie will love, go ahead, and then have it delivered to their address, on condition that they may not open it until Christmas morning. Buying clothes and shoes as gifts are often regarded as Christmas gifts to avoid unless you know someone and their tastes well. If not, consider a voucher.


With many publishers waiting for the pre-Christmas season to release new titles, look out for something your friend or a family member has been dying to get their hands on. Naturally, you have the choice between an e-book or hard copy, and which one you buy should be based on your loved one’s preference. Many people still love the smell and feel of physical books, which you can have delivered by an online retailer.

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