Hello Guys, If you want to know about data structure and algorithms in 2020 then you have come to the right place.
Data structure and algorithms are two of the most important topics for programmers. If you are one of those people who are great at problem-solving and have the urge to chalk out every solution step by step? Then these data structure and algorithm courses will check all the boxes.

You have started these courses starting from basics gradually moving towards more advanced and real-life algorithmic problems.
The best thing about them is they never get out of date. It improves coding and programming skills.

I also found that those people who are good at programming skills must have knowledge of data structure and algorithms. That’s why I suggest all kinds of junior to senior programmers to learn more and more data structure and algorithm skills.

Generally, people don't know the real-life use of these courses. Because theoretical and practical knowledge are totally different things.

In our engineering college, we first heard about data structure and algorithms but after facing the questions based on theoretical knowledge we just mugged the answer and it was enough to score well.
While the real use of data structure and algorithm, I realized when I was in my first company. Then I know the real-world application.

Course To Crack Some Coding Interview:
Many programmers dream of making it at larger tech companies, but, to be honest, getting your first job is one of the toughest things in your life. It is never easy. You need to put your best efforts to find a job.

Many of the programmer's dream of working for Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook but only a few programmers clear the interviews. Because they face difficulty in coding.

Fortunately, You don’t need to spoil your chances at Google, Amazon but it's never too late. You can learn and prepare better for your job interview.
So, the first big question that arrives in your mind is, How do you prepare for a coding job interview? Which subject should you read up on? And how do you deal with other technology-related questions?

I was in the same situation, but nowadays there are many options available for learning. I am going to share some of the best courses to clear the coding/ programming job interview.

Once you go through these online courses you would have enough knowledge to get a job.

Job Interview: Data Structure And Algorithms:

It is the best course for Java programmers. In this course, you will learn array, linked list, trees, stack, Queues, Heaps, Sorting, Searching, and other algorithms. You will also learn how to reduce the complexity using Big O notation and techniques to reduce them.

This skill is so important to impress any interviewer. One of the best courses for a career is Javascript. You won’t find a better course at such a ridiculous price.

This is the ideal course, particularly for java programmers. You can use it to just refresh your knowledge before going for an interview.

Emancipate Software Engineer Interview:

This is created by a former Google Interviewer, and it is one of the great courses for coding. If you are looking for a job in big tech companies like Google, Facebook then this is the right choice for you.
It is specially designed for college graduates. In this course, you will learn data structure and system design and other technical information concurrently required for the interview.

Preparing For a Job Interview:

This is also a good course for clear technical job interviews. In this course, you learn how to solve a coding challenge on the spot and how to tackle the complexity of questions and how to improve it.
We can also say that this course is a complete package for preparing software job interviews.

Python For Data Structure And Algorithm Interviews:

This course is specially designed for Python course developers. This is one of the modern courses and focuses on things like Linkedin profile to impress recruits.
Remember if your resume is not good then you won’t even get a call for an interview so it also helps you to create a great resume.
For all python programmers, this is one of the best coding interviews.

If you are looking for a programming or software development, digital marketing job, you can start with these few courses. These are some common data structures and algorithms which you need to know to clear an interview successfully.

Good knowledge of data structure and algorithms is very important for success and there you should focus most of your attention.
Thanks for making it to the end of the article. Good luck with your programming future journey.
It’s certainly not going to be easy but after these courses, you are a few steps ahead than others.

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