Best Day Trip to Niagara Falls from Toronto
Niagara Falls is one of the most stunning and beautiful natural wonders of the world, however, there is so much to see, explore and experience at the beautiful Niagara. The Day Trip To Niagara Falls From Toronto will take you to the stunning views of the Falls view, buffet where you can be treated to a sumptuous meal overlooking the Niagara Falls. This beautiful town is still retaining its beauty and charm of the 19th century of the Victorian era and also its stunning architecture.

Your trip to Niagara Falls Tour will only fulfill your trip when you visit the wineries. There, you will learn the way how grapes are grown, crushed and pressed to get some of the world's finest wines and you can even try tasting some of them.

If you want to enjoy for a longer time in the glorious beauty of the Niagara falls.
Then you can book a boat from Toronto to Niagara Falls with family for a joyful trip on the water. On the road, Niagara Falls roughly takes 80 miles or 130 kilometers southwest from Toronto. If there is no heavy traffic, then it will only take 1.5 hours to drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Approximately 14 million people visit this wonder of the world every year and it has everything from becoming an ideal family holiday destination.
Reaching Niagara Falls
There are so many ways of reaching Niagara Falls from Toronto:
• By Road
• By Train
By Road:
Queen Elizabeth Way is one of the major routes that enroutes you to the falls from Toronto. You can either choose to drive a rental car by yourself or you can even use a private vehicle to reach the falls.
This route contains heavy traffic coming and going into the city during regular peak office hours – 7 to 9 in the morning and then, from 5 to 8 in the evening. Unless if there is some special event happening in the city, the traffic in day time is usually moderate.
By Train:
GO Transit is the commuter bus and rail services which are active in greater Toronto. It is the best and cheapest ways to reach Niagara Falls from Toronto. Go rails are long trains, so getting seats in that train is never a problem, but if you doubt it and still you want, then you can book your seats in advance.
You can easily get a cab from your hotel to reach the bus terminal or train station. GO trains depart from Union Station basement in Toronto. GO train and bus services between Toronto and Niagara Falls are available all the year round. GO transit provides a direct train from Union Station in Toronto to the station at Niagara Falls.
Other than GO services, there are also Canada’s national passenger rail services – that has train directly from Toronto to Niagara Falls twice a day. Via Rails also depart from Union Station but from the main level.
Apart from this, you can even book special day tours and buses for The Best Day Trip To Niagara Falls From Toronto. Niagara Falls in Toronto is a perfect destination and it is a perfect vacation for the entire family as it has a lot of fun for people of every age and group.
So make a plan to Niagara Falls and spend the whole day with your family and friends making your trip a Best Day Trip To Niagara Falls. Book your tour now.
Have a safe, memorable and happy journey!

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There is so much to see and do in Niagara Falls. Every year millions of people from all over the world come to Niagara Falls to witness the spectacular natural wonder of the world.