Diet is one of the essential components of total management to bring type 2 diabetes under control. Even doctors stress the importance of diet whenever they recommend Glucobay 100mg to control the rise in blood sugar levels.

A change in diet and lifestyle is enough to control type 2 diabetes at least. The early detection of diabetes and an active lifestyle will also reverse the case of diabetes. Diabetes Emerges due to insufficient insulin production in the body.

It also emerges when a body develops resistance to the insulin it produces. An obese person, with a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits, is vulnerable to diabetes.

Diabetic patient Diet

Diet for diabetes should be high in fibre, protein, and milk without cream. It should also have vegetables, whole grain and seasonal fruits, and nuts. Just keep in the mind your diet is a balanced diet.

Doctors recommend more than half of diet in carbs, 20 percent in fats and another 20 percent in proteins. It is necessary to include vegetables and seasonal fruits in the diet. Try to eat at least three vegetables and two seasonal fruits every day.

Preference should be given to fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Dry fruits of any variety have higher sugar content. If it is impossible to get fresh fruits in some places, the next best choice should be frozen fruits. Frozen fruits retain their value as they are put into the freezer in the fresh state straight after harvesting.

Any doubt on the fruit is cleared by its glycaemic index. It shows the fruit impacts blood glucose levels. Eat fruits with a low glycaemic index level. Take whole fruit to get the full benefit of its dietary fibre. Juice leaves the fibre behind and gets fast absorbed into the system, which increases blood glucose levels.

Tips to control diabetes recommended by doctors are:

Drinking fresh tomato juice on an empty stomach every day. Add some pepper to the juice.

Soaked almonds and one tablespoon of soaked fenugreek every morning before breakfast or at breakfast.

Whole grains :

Whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, noodles, millets, barley, maize, and whole wheat flour, are some of the options one need to include in the diet.

Leafy vegetables :

Increase consumption of Spinach,broccoli,kale,cabbage,etc.Not only these vegetables provide dietary fibre, but also control blood glucose levels. They also keep digestion smooth and clear the system for a healthy beginning of a day.

Pulses and legume :

All pulses, beans and legume are an excellent source of protein and fibre. The fibre will keep you full for longer hours. It will ensure that there is no need for snacks before or after meals.

You need to take care of your weight. Overweight is a risk factor for diabetes. Controlling weight should be part of diabetes management as obesity increases insulin resistance of the body.

Make sure that pulses are with husk. If you can create sprouts and take them for snacks that will be an excellent addition to your diet.

Dairy products :

Milk without cream or fat is part of the diet for a diabetic patient. Nutritionists say that milk has protein and the right carbs to control glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Some good fats :

Olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil and nuts keep cholesterol levels low. They also prevent the rise of bad cholesterol levels. Include fish and walnuts for their omega -3 fatty acids, which improve your heart health as well.

A healthy and balanced diet not only controls diabetes but also can revere the case. If you are likely to detect the presence of diabetes early, you can control its progression with diet change only. One of the early signs of diabetes in males is erectile dysfunction. It is difficult for males to feel an erection.

The problem is that diabetes damages blood vessels. The impairment of blood vessels reduces the flow of blood in the male organ. So, you need to be aware of the problem in the early stages. Doctors prescribe sildenafil citrate 150mg

for the cure of erection issues. You need to go for blood glucose levels to check the risk of diabetes.

Those who are on medication for diabetes need to regularly check their blood glucose levels. If there is any sudden change or increase, the doctor may change the dose or recommend a new medicine.

Along with diet, include some physical activity on the regular basis. Regular activity keeps blood glucose levels down. If a pandemic prevents you from outdoor activity, perform yoga or do exercise at home.


A balanced diet is one of the best diets to control and reverse diabetes. It is not an expensive diet, as several food items and seasonal fruits are easily available in local markets. And if your blood glucose levels are at low levels, there is no harm in occasional cheat with a dessert or an ice cream.

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Dr. Simon Hayes is a senior doctor and surgeon with two decades of experience. As a surgeon, Dr. Simon performed countless surgeries with success on prostate issues, urology issues of males, and restoration of the health of male organs. As a consultant to leading medical institutions on lifestyle diseases, Dr. Simon always emphasized the role of a healthy diet and exercise to diabetes patients.

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