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Today’s tech-savvy world demands a strong online presence and if you are to flowfast of the competition then it is compulsory for your business to have a great social media presence. For your business to survive, it is vital to be a role above the competition. Almost 72% of the small businesses have found that content marketing has helped them improve their ranking online.
Content marketing is an effective way of improving product visibility on Google. The basic foundation of successful content marketing lies in creating applicable& quality content.
Are you a company with big dreams but a small budget? Don’t worry, many small businesses are in the same dilemma. Follow these comprehensive steps to prepare an effective content marketing strategy for your small business:

1. Set Goals
The very first and straightforward requirement for planning a strategy is setting your goal. The strategist should be in no doubt about the company’s goals and the action required from the readers. A clear vision of the goal to be skilled will allow you to develop a successful strategy in a short time.

2. Think about the audience
The next & the most important step to be measured is the identification of the target audience. The company should be aware of the audience it wants to target as far as selling the products or services are concerned. Having a clear picture of the target audience on social media leads to the creation of applicable and useful content for the readers. This will bring more traffic to your website improving your visibility on search engines.

3. Brand Positioning
Develop your brand with a clear vision of what is to be accomplished. Your brand should post regular content about the product or services it is offering so that readers can form their own opinions. Another reason for defining the standards of your brand is that you will have a well-defined procedure to implement every task at your workplace.

4. Social Media
We all now understand the importance of being actively present on social media. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others are no longer limited to personal use. These platforms play a significant role in the expansion and promotion of small businesses. So, it becomes necessary to incorporate social media marketing into content marketing.
Having an effective and active online presence helps in improving Brand Awareness and showing up in local searches. To initiate marketing on social media it is important to choose the right platform based on your target audience. Once, you select your platforms, start posting regularly or at fixed intervals.

5. Blogs
Blog creation & promotion is a very important part of a content marketing strategy. Many content marketers believe that promoting blogs online have helped them improve their visibility online and resulted in more followers. Create the content keeping in mind your target audience. The shared content should be single and appropriate to your services and audience. Sharing blog posts on social media help to generate traffic on your website and create an opportunity to convert a prospect into a client.

6. Evergreen Content
The best thing about creating original and useful content is that it remains on your website for an infinite period. Content that is shared on your website as a blog or in any other form is cost-effective and an opportunity to generate more leads.
It is advisable to do thorough research before creating content and also to keep in mind the preference and requirements of your target audience.

7. Mobile Friendly Pages
Smartphones are the chosen mode of communication nowadays and hence it is mandatory to create a mobile-friendly website for your business. However, that in itself is not sufficient. Your website needs to be responsive & optimized too.

8. E-mail Marketing
Sending out a weekly or publication newsletter to your audience has always helped in building brand devotion. It is another cost-effective way of content marketing for small businesses. All brand needs is a good list of potential customers.
While sending a newsletter, one should always add social media buttons at the bottom. This will give an opportunity to your audience to interact with you online.
E-mail marketing helps a brand take the lead in the minds of the audience and therefore helps improve rankings.

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