Franetic is a digital marketing agency focused on delivering performance on all fronts in which it operates: websites, e-commerce, ad campaign management, social media, content marketing, SEO, inbound marketing, marketing automation, among other channels.

At Franetic, we accompany our customers at all times of their digital marketing services, going through the understanding of their context and construction of the strategy, until its execution and constant optimization.

To make true sales on the internet, you need a structure designed for this purpose. A united team, formed by people who know the best strategies. And building this true digital heritage, without the help of experts, can be very complicated.

That's why Franetic is here. Franetic can deliver everything you need to have your company billing every day. And if you want to check it out, call now at (+351) 915 555 285 and schedule the meeting that will change the history of your company.

Franetic's focus is to find opportunities to increase your sales, always making decisions based on data, to help our customers achieve real results and new levels for their business.

Performance digital marketing is a strand within results-oriented and data-driven marketing. Through performance indicators, we analyze the numbers, create reports to find out how close we are to our goals, and constantly optimize our actions.

All strategies are based on clear data and goals. In other words, 100% focused on concrete results!

At Franetic, we know that the secret to successful strategies lies in hard work, studies, and a lot of data analysis. With a strong data-driven culture, we focus on delivering positive results for our customers.

To ensure that our deliveries are made with excellence, we have a team composed of specialists from different areas, coordinated by a Customer Success Analyst responsible for the success of the strategy.

In our processes, Franetic team focuses on concrete information and uses the right tools and strategies for digital performance marketing, always following the context and objective of each client.

Franetic team makes a diagnosis in which we know our customers better, we go through a process of planning and implementing services, we follow quarterly ongoing periods: the first focused on validations and the others on growth.

All the digital marketing services offered by Franetic work together towards the same goal: performance. Check out the areas of expertise that will provide you with the best performance.

Franetic's team analyzes the client's current situation, to find opportunities and solutions that Digital Marketing can bring.

Contract signed data is collected, strategies created, defined, and channels are chosen. For configuring the platforms and implementing the strategy.

Phase in which the services start to be executed continuously and cyclically, with quarterly evaluations. There are two types of ongoing: discovery and growth.

Inserted in the main ecosystems of innovative entrepreneurship: innovators, in addition to partnerships with the main digital marketing companies.

In addition to specialists in digital marketing, our team is focused on customer success. Franetic CS team acts actively to ensure continuous performance improvement.

Followers of the Data-Driven culture, we base all of our actions and decisions on data.

With more than a few years of experience in the digital marketing market, Franetic has already helped companies in various segments across the country.

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The Franetic team will assist you with marketing and digital transformation that will help you increase your company's online visibility.