Divorce is the dissolution of the marriage bond, legally established, through the issuance by the judicial authority of a sentence within a process in support of the causes indicated by law.

To put an end to the marriage, there are currently a whole series of conditions and variables that can end up in the always desirable amicable divorce, or in a dispute that will end in a trial.

Whether the divorce is by mutual agreement or if the divorce is argumentative, it is always necessary to have by our side a matrimonial lawyer specialized in Family Law who has great experience so that you have the best advice in your divorce process.

Rajendra Family Court Law Firm owns the best divorce lawyers in Chennai who specialized in all types of divorces, liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, preparation of a regulatory agreement, and custody among other issues.

At this time, in Chennai, India, it is enough that one of the spouses does not want to continue with their marriage for the process to start. In fact, unlike in other times, it is not even necessary to present a cause for separation or divorce.

On the other hand, at least three months must be passed since the marriage was constituted, except cases in which some risk to life, physical integrity, the moral or sexual freedom of the person has proven plaintiff or his children.

If the spouses reach an understanding and decide to divorce by mutual agreement, they will need a lawyer to draft a regulatory divorce agreement that will establish the basis of their future relationship outside of marriage. Rajendra Family Court Law Firm lawyers close to your area.

In this divorce regulatory agreement, points such as the liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, the attribution of the family home, or issues such as parental authority, custody of children, visitation regime, or alimony, in case the couple has children.

After presenting the agreement in the court closest to the last domicile in which the couple has resided, a day will be set for the spouses to come to confirm the agreement.

Both parties must attend this appointment in court since if one of the two spouses does not attend, it will be understood that they do not agree with the terms of the regulatory agreement and the divorce process by mutual agreement will be archived.

Once the agreement has been ratified, the Advocate will verify if there are minors involved that they do not suffer damage or harm due to the agreements reached by the parents. After this last step, in a short period, the spouses will receive the sentence in which the dissolution of the marriage is reported and in which the regulatory agreement is approved.

In the cases of a divorce without children, the procedures are also faster. But in the case of divorce with children, it is necessary to sign a regulatory agreement, a contract that aims to regulate the conditions of a divorce or separation, and that needs judicial approval due to its nature.

In this agreement, drawn up by the lawyers, the custody of minors, the visitation regime, as well as alimony, the distribution of assets, or the attribution of the use of the family home will be established, always thinking about the defense of the minor.

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