Buy Pet Grooming Dryers for Dogs and Other animals. Speedy dog grooming dryer are built in the USA and Shanghai with high-quality components and all metal housing. Unlike plastic dryers, they will not melt or crack. These dogs drying machine are specially imported by ABK Grooming to fulfil the advancement of pet professionals. Less noisy, portable and easy to use blasters.

Cyclone Single Motor Dryer with Heater

Cyclone Single Motor Dryer is a high velocity Dog Grooming Dryer delivering a high volume of air to blast water from coats. It can be used with or without heat with a built in independent unbreakable incoloy tubular heating element. This dog drying machine works on a two-stage filtration process. The variable speed air flows up to 60 metres/second and is controlled by solid state controls. ABK Grooming offers a Powerful 600W long lasting Japanese carbon brush motor with a 2-metre-long puncture resistant hose.

• The breakthrough technology brings natural heating and has quiet insulated operation to improve productivity in grooming shops.
• Powerful, high-velocity dryer delivers a high volume of gently warmed air to blast water from coats without damaging them with heat. Unbreakable "Incoloy" tubular heating element.
• Two-stage filtration and solid state variable speed controls. Variable speed allows you to control the airflow to suit your drying needs.
• Dual mounted legs, which allow both vertical and horizontal use. Weighing approximately 5kg makes it a portable dryer, easy and convenient to be carried and handled anywhere you need it.

• Maximum Power: 1800 W
• Heat Power: 600 W
• Blow Force: 605 g
• Maximum Speed: 60 m/s
• Highest Temperature: 52 °C
• Noise: 83 dB

Monster Single Motor Dryer with Heater

The monster single motor dryer is bridging the gap between single and double motor blasters. There was a big gap between single and double motor Dog Grooming Dryer in both terms of wind speed and blow force, ABK Grooming has now imported a super powerful single motor dryer to match the performance of double motor models. There are a number of advantages to a single motor dog drying machine in regard to being lighter and ease/cost of service.

• This dryer offers the ultimate in flexibility with a heating element to provide a drying as well as blasting function.
• One-click Easy Operation: allows the operator to remove nozzle head with use of just one finger, with a simple click of the attachment.
• With heater function useful for cold weather.
• Maximum Power: 2800 W
• Heat Power: 600 W
• Blow Force: 895 g
• Maximum Speed: 90 m/s
• Highest Temperature: 52 °C
• Noise: 86 dB

Hercules Double Motor Dryer

Hercules, The Hero in the name of Hero! ABK Grooming has got a Hercules Double Motor Dyer which has a blow force of 955 grams and even more amazing wind speed of 95m/s. This Dog Grooming Dryer beats every recorded cyclone on earth, makes itself the most powerful dual motor pet dryer available. This dog drying machine has the longest Motor Life Span, Energy Savings technology. It has variable heat and power controls.

• Super Blow Force - Incredible blow force of 955 grams and even more amazing wind speed of 95m/s.
• Motor Life Span -Longer carbon brush of 38mm (1.5"), is the longest currently on the market. Smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotor give it a longer lifespan (by 30%).
• Energy Savings - A better airflow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed TD-900XT to perform at a higher energy efficiency ratio, yielding a 30% savings in energy.

• Maximum Power: 2400 W
• Heat Power: 600 W
• Blow Force: 955 g
• Maximum Speed: 95 m/s
• Highest Temperature: 65 °C

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