Your online presence matters a lot nowadays. But it won't yield much if your website and blogs don't stand out from the crowd. Do you have any plan of making a new Tumblr blog before the year ends? Go for the elegant Tumblr themes. They will help to get a professional design that makes your site unique.

Though you may find it hard to create an excellent Tumblr blog, elegant Tumblr themes will give your website a fresh look. Using Tumblr themes will significantly help to attract the attention of your readers. Besides, they offer you a chance to customize your way you would want your blog to look.

A collection of elegant Tumblr themes

1. Camelia
Being professional pays a lot. Everyone reading your content will take it seriously. If you want to create a professional blog on Tumblr, camelia is among the elegant Tumblr themes you can use. Camelia themes have a classic blog layout that features a sidebar and a beautiful featured post segment on the homepage.
The theme also incorporates the author profile widget and social media. You will enjoy its email subscribe device, slide-out menu, and share buttons. Camelia has all that you are looking for in elegant Tumblr themes.

2. Verse
Go for elegant Tumblr themes that give you a chance to modify your blog. It may be a picture position, shading dispersing, and text styles. Do you want to gather blog bolster, or are you a post creator? The verse will be a great Tumblr theme to choose from.
Verse Tumblr theme is suitable for picking a specific header picture that shows up sitewide on your pages and posts. Besides, it has a custom sidebar that allows you to work with other content pictures and quickly merge with Google analytics.

3. Candice
Candice is among the most elegant Tumblr themes that will give your site a unique touch. It's a spectacular one column theme created for content posts and visuals. Candice theme is also very responsive. Another good thing about Candice is you can access it on a desktop cellphone and even a tablet.

4. Hipster
As a blogger who loves writing, you need elegant Tumblr themes to post excellent and creative content. Hipster allows you to set a scene for your blog that has a large header picture. Your post also consists of your symbol and cover that creates a feeling of profundity.

5. Indy
When you are a beginner in Tumblr blogs, you can go for simpler yet elegant Tumblr themes. Indy is one of the easiest to set up and use when it comes to pieces. After picking this theme, you can choose between single layouts, two or three-column grid layout. You can rest assured Indy will give your creativity all chances to sparkle.

6. Rubric theme
When you want elegant Tumblr themes with modern designs, ensure to have a rubric on your list. It will allow you to view full-screen background images and magazine-e style design. The header has picture backgrounds, colors, and different fonts you can apply to give your blog and site a unique touch.


Tumbler is a fantastic microblogging website that can help you to share your brand content. You got varied elegant tumblr themes you can choose from if you want to post creative content. No more boring websites with the above Tumblr themes. Use them to create something within your style and taste.

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