ENT is often concerned with diagnosing and treating disorders primarily related to the Ears and Nose and Throat. Otolaryngology is another name for ENT. Otolaryngologists are the specialty doctors in this area of medicine. Fortis Hospital doctors say that health conditions related to the neck and a head portion (i.e. Otology includes Sinusitis, hearing, and deafness as well as sinusitis, nose obstruction, sinus headaches, migraines, and other cancerous conditions are all possible. Nasal and airway obstruction are two examples of sleep-related disorders.

Probleme relating to the throat include sore throat, hoarseness, and infections.
Birth defects, including those related to the head, neck, tonsil, adenoid infection, and asthma.
Facial plastic surgery, including head and neck cancer reconstructions and facial paralysis. India has been a major hub for medical treatment for many years. Indian surgeons have become more efficient and recognized for their work in surgery, primarily ENT surgery. visit:https://www.mozocare.com/insights/best-ent-surgeons-in-india

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