There is not a single dish in the world that offers the taste as great as from the hands of a mother. Be it a sweet dish, a vegetable curry or a simple cup of tea. When the flavours are added by the expertise of your mom, the effect is just soothing.

And to make you feel this calm and caring nature of a mother, Masala Monk has put forward the amazing recipe for your favourite cup of tea. Now, as the name suggests, Ammiji’s chai masala had been initially invented in the kitchen of a mother that adds soothing concealment with the right ingredients to your daily cup of tea.

What Makes The Ammiji’s Chai Masala Unique?

Apart from the unaltered recipe that was drafted by a mother in her kitchen, there are other reasons which make this chai masala unique in its own ways. Starting with the selection of the ingredients.

It dates back to the 1940s when Ammiji first started working on the recipe that has now lived for more than 7 decades. However, that’s not what she has planned. All Ammiji – grandmother to the bearer of the recipe- wanted was for her cup of tea to give a soothing taste to the new family she became a member of after her wedding.

She selected more than 40 ingredients at first and began her experiments to find the perfect taste. After several trials and days, the list grew shorter and was finally narrowed down to 3 main ingredients to give her the taste and aroma she desired.

Little did she know, that this aroma and soothing taste will be spread across many households over the years.

The Ingredients Of Ammij’s Chai Masala

So the main ingredients which Ammiji finalized for the perfect chai masala were:

1. Cardamom
2. Cinnamon
3. Star Anise

So are you surprised that some of the most common and easily available everyday spices have come up with a perfect combination for a perfect cup of your chai?
Sharing my experience, I was a little amazed after getting to know the key ingredients. However, I am glad that Ammiji found out of the right proportions of these to be mixed so as to produce the flawless chai masala. And so far it has been more a couple of weeks but the aroma of the mini and cute glass jar of chai masala is fresh and tempting as new. So read on to find out more about it.

The Jar Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

When I first heard of the name Ammiji’s chai masala, it made me curious and I decided to get it for me. And I found the product on the website of Masala Monk. And not just this, there are several other products which were available and I have already shortlisted products for my next order.
However, sticking with my first experience with the seller of Ammiji’s chai masala, Masala Monk. Well, the process to place the order was smooth and the delivery time was roughly 2 weeks mentioned at the time of finalizing the order.

I decided to wait for it because they say it is prepared in small batches so as to prepare without any rush and deliver the best of the product. And I was happy to find the richness of the original chai masala recipe intact in the package that I received.

The packet contained one small jar filled with 100 grams of Ammiji’s chai masala and nicely wrapped with enough bubble wrap to protect from any transit damages.

So now that my wait was over, I opened the lid of the jar and couldn’t resist any more from the tempting aroma of the chai masala.

The Taste Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Well, the taste was better than expected and I’ll have to say I am satisfied with my money invested in it.

While I was preparing my first cup of tea with Ammiji’s chai masala, I was wondering if there are any changes to be made to my existing method of preparing tea. What I mean is, if the amount of milk, sugar and tea are to be altered before adding the chai masala. But it wasn’t required at all.

The ingredients of the chai masala mixed well with my proportions to prepare the tea and the taste was as soothing as it can be.

The Preparation Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Since you already have a hint that they take enough time to deliver the product because of its production in small batches, get to know why and how that happens.

The team of Masala Monk says that to maintain the quality and taste of the original recipe of the chai masala, the preparation takes place in small batches always.

There is no rush in collecting fresh and high-quality raw ingredients and then grinding them until the desired state is reached. After that, they are mixed together in the right proportions and packed in those cute little glass jars.

The Variants Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Apart from offering just great taste, the Ammiji’s chai masala also offers health benefits. And for this it comes in three variants:

1. For better digestion
2. For improved vitality
3. For enhanced immunity

So try out any of these variants and share your story for the splendid taste of this chai masala.

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Sugandha is a writer by profession & a foodie by heart. With a knack for trying out new foods time & again, she loves to explore new & exciting food options. She loves to spend her weekends at new cafes & restaurants around the town or experimenting in the kitchen.