If you have spent your childhood with your brother, then you must certainly have the best memories to cherish all through your life. You would obviously want to surprise your partner in crime with the best gift possible. No matter how busy you are in your life, you can take out some time to pick the funkiest summer gift for your brother. Let him know how much you care by choosing the best eye-catchy gifts for you dear brother no matter where you are. Your brother is certainly going to be amazed by your choices.

Mug Shots

These make the perfect gift for your brother regardless of their age. A set of funky six shot glasses with glass covers are certainly show-stealers. These would not go unnoticed anytime. There are several mug shots which feature pictures of gangsters and their bio. There are certain mug shots that feature Game of Thrones character. You can choose the design based on your brother’s likes and dislikes. You can gift a Mug shot as a Rakhi gift to your brother.

Star War USB Car Charger

This is really a unique gift option which you can consider to surprise your brother if he is a Star Wars fan. This charger design draws its inspiration from Star Wars. The design resembles gizmo stuff with rotational movements, sound effects and beeps in addition to charging.

Barbecue Set
Who doesn’t want to go hiking while the sun is shining brightly in the sky? After all, summer is the time for some fun activity. You can choose to gift your brother a barbecue set which comes with different grilling tools encased within a case with items such as knife, skewers, holders, basting brush, grill brush, barbecue fork, bottled opener, slotted spatula and tongs. Your brother would certainly fall in love with this set which can be used during numerous occasions such as a family party or outdoor picnic with friends. If your brother loves to cook, then this is the best summer gift you can give him.

Mustache Beard Kit

If your brother loves growing a mustache, which is pretty much in vogue these days, then you can consider gifting him a mustache beard kit for grooming. This all-in-one kit is pretty useful and includes a beard comb, grooming oil and a brush. This kit permits good growth of beard. This is truly a luxury grooming kit and the product works really well. You need to look into the brand before actually making a purchase. You can opt for a kit with a beard softener as well. Several beard grooming kits come with a premium fragrance accelerator oil. This oil is made from natural oils which is ideal for taming your beard.

Football Inflatable Drink Cooler
If your brother is a football fanatic, then this drink cooler will make an ideal gift for your brother. The best thing about this is that it can be inflated when not in use.

Desktop Skee-Ball
Is your brother fond of arcade games? If yes, then this classic game which has been scaled down to fit a desk can prove to be the best gift for your brother. This game will make him feel refreshed even if he indulges in this for a couple of minutes. This game combines both the aspects of Skee Ball and Pinball. This eye catchy game will also pique your visiting friends and they would likely want to try this out.

A bunch of carnations
You can always send flowers to your dear brother no matter whether you live in India or outside. Flowers delivery can happen in no time provided you know who to rely on. Make sure to choose a reliable florist for surprising your beloved brother.

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