Job search mobile app development:
Finding a job in today's world is a tough task. It is hard to go to every company and give your resume. There are some websites where you can search for job opportunities but as technology has changed people are preferring more comfortable ways to find jobs. A mobile app can give you better solutions for such kind of problem. Job search mobile app has become a new trend which allows many people to find their desired job easily. Having a Job Portal App Development can definitely profit everyone, even benefits the recruiters. To work everything appropriate way one need to choose the best Job search app development company in India that provides the best development process. Before jumping into the development process you need to know the features that should be included in the app.
Features to be included in the Job search mobile app

Here are some features that you need to consider while developing a job search mobile application in such a way that it will be useful to both users and the recruiters. You need to keep in mind that the users will prefer your app only if they feel it is helpful for them. So you need to be careful while choosing the features to include in the app.

Profile Login

This is the first thing a user looks for when he starts using your app. He should be able to log in through his credentials or he should even be able to register as a new user in the app either by creating the new credentials or with social media channels.

Uploading Resume

User should have an option to upload his resume by selecting the preferred location where he wants the job and the preferred company of his interest. So that he gets notified if some organization is interested in hiring him.

Job Search

Users should be able to search for the job based on their interest in location or the salary they are expecting and the category of job they are looking for in a better way. More filters should be present so that the search can be more specific.


Push notifications play an important role in the job search app. This allows the user not to miss any opportunity. As soon as the recruiter wants to contact the user, the user gets a notification. But by sending push notifications regarding the app often can make the user feel irritated which might make him want to remove the applications. So you need to be careful while sending the push notifications and be aware of what kind of notifications you are sending the user.

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