Financial issues are often complicated. The wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. A good financial advisor can help you make the right choices. Eleser Financial specializes in Financial Advisor services, small business, and commercial insurance to accommodate your needs.

You can take out simple financial products yourself. Think of a savings account or non-life insurance. You can often purchase these products directly from the provider. So you don't have to pay an intermediary.

With complex financial products such as investments, mortgages and life insurance, wrong decisions can cost you a lot of money. Do you know little about complex financial products like this? Then it is wise to ask a financial advisor for help.

Also, providers of financial products have a duty of care. This means that according to the Financial Supervision Act they may not sell you a complex product that does not suit you.

If you want to buy such a product without advice, the provider will conduct a knowledge test. In doing so, he determines whether you have sufficient knowledge to decide on this.

Banks and insurers are primarily providers. They supply financial products. If you ask them about the possibilities, they are also advisers and/or mediators. Do you do business with them? Then the costs of the product and the advice must be shown separately. Usually, employees of a provider only advise on products from that provider.

An intermediary or intermediary is often both an advisor and an intermediary. Together with you, Eleser Financial will search for the best solution. Eleser Financial then arranges the purchase of the product from a provider. Eleser Financial arranges business with various providers.

In any case, a licensed financial service provider meets the legal requirements. But how do you choose a good advisor? What can you pay attention to when choosing a financial advisor?

What exactly do you want advice on? Do you want a completely personal financial plan? Or just advice about a specific product? Do you only pay for advice or does the consultant also arrange everything for you?

After the first meeting, the financial advisor must provide an estimate of the compensation he receives for the work. The advisor can do this based on a fixed amount, via an hourly rate or a subscription system.

To provide appropriate advice, the consultant also needs information about your circumstances. When the consultant arranges everything for you, the bill will be higher than if you do a lot yourself.

If you have your administration in order, for example via an online household booklet, this can save the consultant a lot of time. This saves you money. Find out what is most beneficial for you.

See what kind of advisor you are dealing with. Is it a large or small desk? Are several employees going to work for you or are you only dealing with one person?

Find out how much experience the financial advisor has. Can he provide references? What qualifications does the consultant have? Check for more information.

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A financial adviser or financial advisor, is a professional who suggests and renders financial services to clients based on their financial situation.