An anal fissure is a little tear in the slim, moist tissue (mucosa) that lines the rear-end. An anal fissure may happen when you pass hard or huge stools amid a bowel movement. Anal fissures regularly cause agony and seeping with bowel movements. You additionally may encounter fits in the ring of muscle toward the finish of your rear-end (anal sphincter).
Anal fissures are basic in youthful newborn children yet can influence individuals of all ages. Most anal fissures show signs of improvement with basic medicines, for example, expanded fiber consumption or sitz baths. A few people with anal fissures may require medication or, occasionally, surgery.
 Signs and symptoms of an anal fissure include:
 Pain, once in a while serious, amid bowel movements
 Pain after bowel movements that can last as long as a few hours
 Bright red blood on the stool or tissue after a bowel movement
 A unmistakable split in the skin around the butt
 A little knot or skin tag on the skin close to the anal fissure
Common causes of anal fissure include:
 Passing huge or hard stools
 Constipation and stressing amid bowel movements
 Chronic looseness of the bowels
 Anal intercourse
 Childbirth
Lifestyle and home remedies
Several lifestyle changes may help assuage discomfort and advance healing of an anal fissure, as well as avert repeats:
 Add fiber to your eating regimen. Eating about 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day can help keep stools delicate and improve fissure healing. Fiber-rich nourishments incorporate organic products, vegetables, nuts and entire grains. You also can take a fiber supplement. Adding fiber on your diet may cause gas and bloating, so increase your intake gradually.

 Drink adequate liquids. Liquids help avoid constipation.

 Avoid straining amid bowel movements. Straining creates weight, which can open a healing tear or cause a new tear.
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