Floor Chairs are an essential component for all home and commercial offices where office chairs are used. They allow easy rolling and reduce the amount of energy required to move an office chair from one location to another. Carpeted floors tend to provide too much resistance for office chair wheels to work effectively and efficiently. They are also designed to extend the life of the carpet by distributing the pressure from the chair wheels, which will wear away the carpet fibers over time and cause gouging. Floor mats also help protect hard surface floors, such as linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors, from the scratches and wear that can occur with office chair wheels. It is important to consider factors before purchasing to ensure it is suitable for your work environment.


Floor Chairs are available in various designs and patterns, depending on your preferences or your employer's policy. The decorative rugs are available in a variety of patterns, including oriental rug, heather chenille, bamboo, squares, stripes, swirls and lines. These mats allow you to personalize your home or office with elegance and style, making them a perfect complement to all work environments. 


An important component to consider when purchasing a chair mat for your office is the thickness of the mat will be used on. Each chair mat is designed to be used on a specific type of carpet, some are made for low-pile carpets, while others are made for medium-pile carpets. Then there are the rugs that can only be used on commercial grade carpets due to their slim design.

Support for

The backing of your chair mats is also essential in determining which one will work best for your rug or work surface. If the mat is designed to be used on a carpet, make sure it has small anchors or dowels that hold the mat and prevent the mat from sliding.


The last consideration when buying a chair mat is the type of edges you want the mat to have. The available edge options are straight, crystalline (rounded at the corners), or beveled (sloped down). The straight edges are best for hard surfaces, making it difficult to slide on and off the mat.

The first part of any Floor Sofas is the frame. For a quality sofa, select a frame of hardwoods like oak, ash, or maple. The frame should also be kiln-dried in an effort to draw out excess moisture and strengthen the wood. When moisture is removed, your sofa will have a better chance of not warping. This can occur in that tend to suffer severe climatic changes. Some more "buzzwords" related to the wooden frame of your sofa should include "double pins, glued and screwed," which means that all joints are tight and screwed wherever possible to ensure a wobble-free frame. The "corner lock" is still used whenever possible to increase overall strength and keep the frame rigid. It should be built from the solid wood frame described above.

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