Are you looking for a good laptop to play on? Then you've come to the right place. We guide you and help you through the jungle of possibilities - and the possibilities, of finding the right gaming laptop that suits you, your wants, and your needs. Here you can also see a test of some of the best on the market right now - as well as an overview of the cheapest and best gaming laptop.

Just a few years back, most people with just a little sense of gaming would shake their heads profusely if they chose a laptop rather than a desktop computer to play on. And the vast majority would certainly recommend a stationary as the only right choice. Today, the picture is a little different. A lot has happened in the area - and there is virtually no difference in choosing one over the other.

So why not choose a gaming laptop? In addition to being almost as good as the desktop gaming computer, it is both lighter and smaller. And it has the advantage of being able to take it under the arm to family, friends and not least LAN parties. It's immediately a little harder with a desktop machine.

But what exactly is a gamer laptop for a size? Can't you just use any laptop to play on? Here is the answer both yes - and no. An ordinary laptop can easily be used for fun games. But if it can pull off the new and more demanding games, there is no way around it. Then it is a gaming laptop that is needed.

So there is a crucial difference between a gamer laptop and a regular of sorts. This applies to both the design itself, the keyboard - which is lighted under - and not least the cooling mechanism. To ensure that the portable can pull the games without overheating, it is equipped with better fans.

They ensure a solid cooling of the internal components and that you do not get "burnt fingers" when you gamble. However, it often requires more space, which is why a gamer laptop is also a bit bigger and a bit heavier.

But which gaming laptop should you choose? To choose the one that best suits you and your needs, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Let us guide you through all the concepts. What do they mean? And how important are they each? Then hopefully you are dressed to choose the best gaming laptop!

Consider Following Items Before Buy Gaming Laptop:

Hard drive
Graphics Cards
Response time
battery Life

A gaming headset is at least as important as a good keyboard and a fast mouse. It's just a headset with a built-in microphone. And yet not at all. A dedicated gaming headset is created with a focus on ergonomics, so it's comfortable to wear. Also for several hours at a time. It has built-in surround sound to provide the ultimate experience. And of course, the microphone allows you to communicate with your fellow players along the way.

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The best gaming laptops come in all shapes and sizes and we picked out some of our favorites.