Genital warts, else known as venereal warts, anal warts, anogenital warts or condylomata acuminate are soft, wart - like growth on genitals. This disease, caused due to virus infection is highly contagious through sexual contact with infected person. It can affect both men and women at any age. Studies say that, human papilloma virus mainly seen on male organ, ulva, urethra, in and near anus region are responsible for the formation of genital warts. Any sexual contact involving the skin of anus, mouth or vagina transmits the virus from one person to other. Chance of getting genital warts also increases when you have multiple sex partners and when you have viral infections like herpes. Itching of anal area, increases vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse are some of the symptoms shown as a result of warts.

Trichloroacetic acid is one of the best treatments prescribed by health practitioners. TCA, also known as trichloroethanoic acid acts as a caustic that erodes the skin and mucous membrane. It can be directly applied on the infected area as directed by the physician. Cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen is a best genital warts treatment for curing both dry and moist warts. This form of treatment can be suggested as a remedial measure for both external and internal warts. Cryotherapy is done by freezing the warts with cold substance like liquid nitrogen. It destroys the infected skin cells there by preventing the risk of transmission of disease.

Applying podophyllotoxin solution on the infected area is a best suggested genital warts treatment. Direct application of podophyllotoxin solution to the infected area destroys the skin cells in the infected area. This medicinal cure for warts is forbidden during pregnancy period. Purified podophyllotoxin present in podophyllotoxin solution is responsible for its therapeutic properties. Imiquimode cream is another best recommended medicine for genital warts treatment. It helps in clearing warts by destroying the infected cells. This cream is preferable to women skin than for men skin. Burning and ulceration are some of the side effects caused by excessive use of imiquimode cream.

Electrocautery is one among the best warts treatments prescribed by doctors. Electrocautery or diathermy is usually done after giving anesthesia to the patients. Here, warts are physically burned to destroy the virus infected cells. Warts in and around the genital region are burned by using a low voltage electrified probe. Scalpel excisions or curettage and scissor, a best treatment is done by direct removal of infected cells.

Secondary bacterial infection is an important side effect of using this treatment. Laser ablation is another best genital warts treatment prescribed by doctors. Laser ablation is usually suggested for internal genital warts treatment, mainly in the areas like cervix. In laser ablation, high powered laser pulses are used to evaporate the infected cells. Interferon, an antiviral agent for destroying the infected cells is yet another best prescribed medicine for genital warts treatment. Cidofovir antiviral drug and 5% flurouracil cream are other best treatment for warts products recommended to patients.

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