Gifts are the token of love. No matter how expensive or cheap it is, one should notice the amount of love and care behind the gesture. Nowadays, the world is so busy and no one has the time to give to anyone. In such situation, if someone is bringing you any gift then you should return the gesture too.

There are so many types of gifts out there. It depends on the person’s interest. For example, if your loved one or your friend meditates then you must look for meditation gift ideas. Nowadays, there is a great hype about it as it is all about happiness and balance in life. Even if your friend is not in meditation yet, still such gifts could lead her towards this lifestyle.

Here are the few gift ideas you can give to your friends:

Chakra Tapestry

Get a tapestry with a symbolic meaning. Do you know each chakra has a different symbolic meaning but all leads you towards balancing and finding your inner Zen in life? Well try to find the one with different colors life a rainbow chakra tapestry. It will be an awesome gift for your friend. Not only it captures spirituality via vivid colors but also it will look awesome on the wall.

Chakra Meditation Stones

As defined earlier about chakras, there are also meditation stones available for gift that are Reiki blessed.  These stones are used for healing and meditation.

Yoga Gear

If you friend love to do yoga then a non-slip yoga mat could be the best gift for her. With yoga, not only you keep your body in fit shape but also it is great for mental health. It calms the soul of the person and whatever anger, frustration, sorrow is making your heart heavy, yoga heals it. There are other yoga gears like yoga shirts, tights available. There are Bohemian style bags available that could be a great gift for your yoga lover friend.

Himalayan lamps

Himalayan lamps are the special kinds of lamps that are made with salt. These are made from the large blocks of salt that are extracted from the Himalayan range. Now the question is why you should have a salt lamp in your house when you can afford any other fancy lamp. Well, the reason behind this is because these lamps not only illuminate your room, but they also purify the air you breathe. Yes, that’s right. Salt lamps have the ability to purify the air around you and kill bacteria. If you are suffering from breathing problems like asthma, then you must have this lamp in your house.

Laser pointer

The laser pointer is one of the handiest gadgets that you can gift to your friend. If you work in a company where you have to give different kinds of presentations, then there is no gift better than giving a laser pointer. This is located in the keychain in which you can place your keys as well. This laser pointer can help you give any presentation easily without interruption. In this regard, this is the best kind of gift that you can give to your friend.

RFID wallets

Laser pointers are only useable for the people who are involved in this profession. If you don’t have to give any kind of presentation, then there is another handy gift for you or your friend. They are called RFID wallets. These wallets have the capacity to store different kinds of cards in it. Moreover, they have the secret pockets to store the money as well. These wallets are handy because they don’t take much space in your bag and you can easily carry it in your pocket as well. Wallets are the things that everyone has in their bags which means that it can be a great gift for anyone.

Nano keychain flashlight

Keychain flashlight is also something that you might need in your life. Usually when you park your vehicle and its dark, then having a flashlight with your key chain can make it easier for you to unlock it. Similarly, if you need some light in the dark alley, you can always use your flashlight for that purpose. This is why it can be a great gift for your friends and family.

Smart watches

Smart watches are the special watches that can not only tell you the time, but you can also use it as a replacement of your phone as well. You can attend the calls and send voice messages with the help of a smart watch. Along with that, you can also find your location and your way out of any kind of alley. These watches can be your personal trainer as they can count your heartbeat and steps when you walk or run. Basically, it is a small phone that you can wear. All you have to do is to connect your watch to your phone with a Bluetooth and that’s it. This is why it is a smart and handy gift for you and your friends.

Military bands

Military bands are the straps which have a watch in it. These are the kinds of watches that can survive any kind of harsh environment and can be your best companion. So if you or any of your friends who is interested in the military this can be a great gift for them. They are easily available online which means you don’t have to go to market and search them. They are available in different colors so that you can choose according to your style.

No matter which gift you chose for your friend, if it is chosen from heart then you can never go wrong in your selection. You just need to keep your friend in mind while making the selection. What he or she likes and what doesn’t. Also, don’t forget to buy from a reliable online website only. This way you will get authentic and high quality products in reasonable price.


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Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.