You can use your mobile devices and the Internet for a lot more than texting, taking selfies, and playing games. You can also use it to make your life better by taking advantage of goal-setting and motivational apps. There are loads of these apps available to use on all of your devices, and they are going to help you organize your life, get motivated, and set and meet your goals.

1. LifeTick

Much like GoalsonTrack, this site lets you set goals, create steps that you need to reach those goals, check off the steps you have already reached, etc. But, there is one big difference between these two websites, and that is the fact that with LifeTick, you can bring in other people to check out your progress. They can be your own personal cheering team to help keep you encouraged and on track to achieve all of your goals. There is even a LifeTick for businesses, so you can set goals for your team, create and assign tasks, track progress of each team member, and more.

2. UScreenTV

Sometimes you need help getting something started, such as your own streaming site that is a lot like Netflix. UScreen will help you to do just that, and help you reach your goals of having a successful streaming site. It is also a great place to go to check out other success story videos. It is ideal for educational programs, workout programs, online courses, employee training, video on demand, and much more.


This is an app that is used by more than 10 million people, so it must be pretty good. It will let you merge daily tasks with your goals to ensure that you get everything done without feeling like you are being rushed. It lets you take time each day to plan your day, and prompts you to decide which activities you need to do right away and which ones can wait. This app is free for web, Android, iPhone, and Chrome users.

4. Smart Goals

This app will take your big dreams, goals, habits, etc. and break them down to make things more detailed and easier to accomplish. It is available for iPhone users, and it can help you to set and reach all of your long-term goals. There are two important tabs, “My Goals” and “My Dreams”, which will make this app ideal for setting future goals and making long-term plans.

5. Wunderlist

This is a free app that is going to be your favorite to-do list. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, and the attractive and minimalistic design is easy to use. You can use this app with any of your devices to access and share lists, as well as set daily reminders for yourself so you never forget any of the tasks you need to do in order to reach your goals. This app is available to iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop users.

6. Wonderful Day

If you are looking for an app that lets you get rid of your paper calendar and that is really easy to use, this is that app. All you have to do is enter the tasks that you want to do on a regular basis, such as walking to work, working out, etc., and enter the days that you want to do these things. Then, as you do each thing on the list, you check it off. If, at the end of the day you have missed any of the tasks, you will see red bubbles designating missed days, and there will be green bubbles when you have completed everything. You will start to challenge yourself to see how many days in a row you can go without seeing those red bubbles.

7. Optimized

This is what is known as a quantified self app. It will collect all kinds of information about you, and use it to create ideas you can use to make your life better. For instance, if you need to get more sleep, it will take factors such as your mood, your health, and your stress levels into account to come up with ways to help you sleep better. The solutions will provide you with the motivation you need to do whatever it is that you want to do. This app is available for iPhone users.

8. Coach

This app is for iOS and Android users, and it is free to use. It lets you track all of your long-term goals, as well as all of the tasks that you will need to do in order to reach those goals. The neat thing about this app is that you can meet up with others who share the same goals, and they can provide you with plenty of support. Take part in group conversations, ask and answer questions, give “Props” (just like “likes” on Facebook), and more.

9. GoalsOnTrack

You can use the templates on this site to customize your own plan of action to get yourself on track. There is an option to put check marks beside tasks that are completed, so you can easily track your progress. You can set a start and end date for goals, create your action plan, track progress, etc. There is even a built-in journal where you can record your goals and your progress towards those goals, as well as a habit tracker. This will give you an actual visual guide to show you your successes so far.

10. Way of Life

It can often be difficult to achieve your goals, because you can see the big picture but you don’t know how to make it a reality. This app helps you to break down everything you want in life into categories such as goals, dreams, and habits. It uses both abstract and concrete ideas to give you a more detailed big picture. This is a great app for achieving long-term goals, and is available to iPhone users.

11. Rescue Time

This is an app that is only for Andorid users. The goal is to use this app to help you become a new and improved you. It is a time-management, task-management, and scheduling app that will help you to prioritize tasks so you do the most important first, but don’t end up leaving anything else out. This app will even sync with your other calendars, so all of your appointments will be in this system. It will ask you to add any smaller goals you want to achieve throughout the week, as well as your habits. This is going to help you to reach all of your goals, no matter how big they are.

12. MyFitnessPal

One of the things that can be most difficult to do is to lose weight, and many of us need a lot of motivation to be able to get into better shape. This app will help give you that motivation you need to lose weight, and keep it off. You will be able to enjoy engaging with a community of like-minded individuals who will help you to stay motivated and reach your goals. The app includes calorie reports, fitness trackers, and a number of other apps to track your exercise habits. It is available for Android, iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Web users.

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