There was once a point in time when two or more people would be talking about love letters to write to a boyfriend and the automatic & instinctive assumption would be that the writer would be a female – i.e. a she girlfriend – and the recipient would be a he-boyfriend. But given the diversely metro sexual society that we live in today, that phenomenon does not hold true anymore and is no longer applicable because sexual orientations have evolved beyond than being simply male or female.
Writing Love Letters to Men, Guys and Husbands

Nowadays, if someone walks up to a friend seeking guidance and help with regards to and talking about love notes to write to your boyfriend, it does not necessarily have to be a girl who seeks assistance over here. With homosexuality and same sex couples becoming a common and (generally) more acceptable element of society, it could very well be one male wanting to know about love letters to write to a guy. With so many institutions – including high schools and other academia – across the United States of America being home to various ‘Gay & Straight Alliance’ groups, both students and scholars are offering goodwill services with love letters to write to a boy to like you. And last, but definitely not the least, with debates and notions being passed all across the nation for the legalization of same sex marriages, love letters to write to a husband are also a frequent sight. The interesting part, however, is that the “wife” writing this particular billet doux to the “husband” does not necessarily have to be a female and neither does the latter have to be a male. With active and passive partner roles being distinguished and identified in same sex couples, love letters to write to a man is actually quite an interesting thing to study.
Expert Tips for Writing Sweet Notes to Boyfriends

What I want to talk about over here are the various kinds of sweet notes to write to your boyfriend. Depending on how far two people are into a relationship, how well they understand each other, how well they get along and at what juncture they stand at in their relationship, the epistle to your significant other could be carrying and narrating assorted tones with it.
Evaluate the Stage of Your Relationship

What we experience generally in the earlier stages of a relationship when basically all the “3 bases” have been reached, couples tend to write seductive love letters to each other. These could be sensual love letters, missing you love letters and (at times) dirty love letters as well – which is pretty much where the concept of sexting originated from. Following the initially happy go lucky and “lovy dovy” days of a union, there comes the billet doux which translates in to a cannonball or a small missile such as news of the arrival of to-be-born off spring conceived in the union.

And where there is the bright and light hearted side of love, there is also the flip side of the coin; the tragedious correspondence popularly referred to as the poison pen. This poison pen generally occurs when the relationship is dying or close to its demise i.e. time to say goodbye. And at times like these, it is either time for goodbye breakup letters or goodbye friendship letters where two people may decide to go their own separate ways yet still remains friends like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston declared them to be even after they had gone through a divorce.

So with this brief intro given, a little more than enough said and done, we will now take a deeper look in to how one would go about inking the sweet note – i.e. seductive love letters – and also the billet doux – i.e. dropping the bombshell of goodbye love letters.

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