Obesity, quite simply, is an excess of body fat. To be obese is usually defined as being about twenty percent over the normal weight for one's height, age and sex.

A healthy weight can of course vary depending on many factors. However, there is a range used by doctors and physicians to determine whether or not a person falls within a healthy weight. Fat distribution across the body can also be used to determine certain risk factors including for instance a person's risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Women and men do carry their weight differently. Women, because of their childbearing capacity, can be healthy even with twenty-five percent of their body weight being fat. Because women need extra stores for pregnancy and breastfeeding they need to carry a higher rate of fat tissue than men.

Men are considered healthy so long as their fat stores are 17% of their total body weight or lower. For both men and women, going over the recommended amount of body fat to weight ratio can give rise to a wide variety of health issues and complications.

For this reason, dealing with being overweight before one gets to the obesity stage is crucial. However, if you are already dealing with obesity below are some health strategies and supplements to help you cope. You should also be working closely with a physician or health care provider to ensure you have as much support as possible in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

First off, the most common reasons for the obesity epidemic in the Western and developed countries include a poor diet and a lack of exercise. While some medical conditions can sometimes be responsible, or can at least complicate these lifestyle issues, the main causes of obesity can be dealt with by changes in a person's health and wellness routine.

Though it would seem that obesity means that a person has enough nutrients, the facts of the matter are instead that all too often, obese individuals are actually severely lacking in many essential vitamins and minerals. One of the most important supplements therefore is a good multivitamin and mineral complex.

A raw foods or whole foods multivitamin supplement can give you the best nourishment for your body and the highest rate of bioavailability. This means that your body can absorb the nutrients most readily. So although these can be more costly, you actually get a lot more for your money than you would with vitamins that your body cannot properly absorb.

Next, make sure you are getting enough fibre in your diet. Fibre can start the process of detoxing and cleansing. Making sure that your colon and digestive tract are working well will mean that you can start to rid your body of unwanted pollutants and build up. Moreover, this will help you begin shedding pounds quickly.

A good supplement for cleansing is psyllium husks. Try some of these in a large glass of water and drink it before a meal. This will also help fill your stomach helping you to eat less naturally.

Kelp is another great supplement that can help speed weight loss. Not only does kelp pack a powerful punch when it comes to minerals and iodine, but it also helps the body to let go of fat stores naturally.

Spirulina, likewise, is a good option for those seeking to lose weight. Spirulina is loaded with protein without being packed full of fat like animal protein. Spirulina is also a good detox supplement. Spirulina can also help stabilize blood sugar thereby helping to regulate those ups and downs that cause people to eat more.

Vitamin C, aside from being an excellent supplement overall and a particularly good immune system booster, is also good for speeding up the metabolism. So alongside warding off common colds and flues, Vitamin C can help you lose more weight by revving up the body's natural metabolic rate.

Finally, Calcium is another good addition to your supplement regime. Calcium actually helps to break up stored fat in the body. Calcium helps to activate lipase which is an enzyme that works to bread down fat. Added Calcium will also help deal with nervousness and anxiety a hidden cause of many people's overeating.

A good exercise program will also be essential to any attempt to lose weight and keep it off. Getting help is of particular importance in this area especially if you have been stationary for some time. Seek out a reputable fitness trainer or talk to someone at your local gym about how you can start getting into shape. Remember the more support you have the more likely you are to stick with it and to succeed.

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