Lovemaking is a natural occurrence between couples. A man and woman feel attracted towards each other and wish to get physically intimate. When their body unites, the emotional bond between them also improves. Lovemaking between man and woman enjoys God’s approval for He designed it as a means to bring forth the next generation and subsequent generations and continue life on earth. The phenomenon exists both in the human world as well as in the animal world. It not only helps in procreation but provides matchless pleasure to couples.

But sexual dysfunctions often hamper the joy of lovemaking and make it a dull, prosaic and tedious affair. Low libido problem is a sexual dysfunction, more common among women than men. Low libido is the lack of lovemaking desire or disinterest in lovemaking. Low libido is also called low sex drive problem. Low female libido diminishes the joy of sexual union and may make the woman's love life miserable. Women suffering from low libido cannot be aroused easily. They cannot have sexual fantasies or anticipations, they are reluctant to have sexual union when their partners want it, they lack vaginal lubrication and experience delayed orgasm or no orgasm.

Low female libido springs from a number of causes, some of which are: stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue from multiple duties, responsibilities and chores, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, fear of painful penetration, inferiority complex due to poor body image, low self-esteem, conflict with partner, guilt or shame due to previous history of sexual abuse, surgery in breasts or genitals, hormonal turbulence during pregnancy, breast-feeding, menopause, medications like antidepressants, tranquilizers, mood stabilizers, antihistamines, hypertension medications, birth-control pills, chemotherapy drugs etc, physical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, renal disease, arthritis, anemia, coronary arterial disorder, neurological disorders, cancer etc.

Women are much plagued by low libido problem. They are desperate to put an end to it and revive their love life. The good thing is that the problem is curable. One can randomly select any one of the female libido boosting products available in market. But it will not be a wise decision. Go ahead and make the right choice; opt for the all-natural Kamni capsules, the best herbal product for low female libido. It is an effective natural solution for low female libido. The product is a unique blend of powerful aphrodisiacs, restorative nutrients and herbs that heighten lovemaking desire in females.

Being herbal in composition, Kamni capsules are absolutely safe and secure. They, in fact abide by the stringent International standards in safety. The capsules, apart from boosting low female libido, improve overall response and performance, engorge genitals with blood and bring back the lost sensation and sexual sensitivity in the genital area, rejuvenate and lubricate dry membranes of vagina, nourish the reproductive organs and make the female more fertile, reduce arousal time, regulate ovulation, cure hormonal imbalance, speed up climaxing and enhance potency and stamina in females.

Some of the ingredients of Kamni capsules are nag bhasma, lauha bhasma, bang bhasma, abhrakh bhasma, ras sindoor etc. A single pack of the product contains 60 capsules. A woman needs to take 2 capsules twice daily with milk or water after meals. Regular usage for 2 months would give a complete cure for low female libido. Ignite a renewed passion in your love life and get more fulfilling and rewarding sexual encounters with the incredible Kamni capsules.

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