Students, who pursue their studies in arts, gain a resourceful degree which provides them a solid educational foundation. This also gives them an opportunity to hone creative skills, and add valuable experiences. A degree in arts provides opportunities to establish secure long term careers in today’s top industries. Most employers hunt for candidates who have powerful analytical skills communication and critical thinking skills.

So, here is the list of a few demanding career options for arts graduates

Fashion designing is one of the most striking and enormously popular career options for the students. Post completing the 12th one can opt for this course in the glamour industry due to attractive salary package and fame. You can check out some best fashion Designing course in Nasik, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune for best fashion school. Some of the top fashion design schools in Maharashtra will require you to clear the entrance examinations conducted by the individual institutes as they want to select only the eligible and deserving candidates. Sandip University is considered to be one of the top fashion design colleges in Nasik that offers a great career opportunities and placements after successful completion of the course.

According to a recent report, Indian glamour industry is growing at a rate of 64% each year and it will most likely reach $40 billion by 2022. These graphs clearly show that fashion designing offers extensive career opportunities for young enthusiasts

Art Director
They are the higher level working executives who direct layouts, graphics, illustrations, design and art work, graphs, and visual styles or images for productions. They supervise the conceptual layout, planning, and design of advertisements, photographs and visual elements of newspapers, packaging, magazines, film sets, or television productions.

They also approve work submitted by design and graphic staff, review and work directly with clients to assemble stylistic artistic needs to present designs for approval. To be an Art Director one needs to complete a bachelor’s degree in art, photography, design or a related discipline. In addition to that, previous work experience also brings value. Students can also complete their MBA or a Master of Fine Arts degree to gain employment within administrative positions. Art Directors earn anywhere from $40,440 to $170,480 annually.

Commercial Artist
They develop and create graphics that are used in print and online magazines, advertising campaigns and packaging materials. They comprehend conceptual ideas based upon employer or client descriptions and produce several drafts to meet client needs using freehand sketches or computerized design programs. Salaried Commercial Artists take home the salaries of $53,980 to $90,160 annually.

Interior Designer
They are the creative professionals who combine safety, style, function, design and beauty to create aesthetically appealing interior structures. They operate directly with their brands and clients in order to determine the objectives and purpose of a project. They mostly do the handmade or computer based sketches, select furnishings materials and ensures that a design meets the clients’ requirements. They supervise all factors of projects to promise accuracy, budgetary restraints, time efficiency and proper installation. Aspirant interior designers must complete their masters or bachelor degree in drawing, or computer aided design to begin with. Interior Designers earn salaries of $30,320 to $70,960 annually.

Hope we have given you a clear picture of the careers that you can take up after your Arts education. However, do not take this stream wherein you have to study limited or just for a specific subject, there is a lot more that you can explore in arts and that will give you leverage. You can build a great successful career if you wisely choose your career beat. It is extremely important for you to have passion for work without passion, there will never be dedication and without dedication you will not be able to perform your 100% and without giving your best you will not achieve excellence.

So this is the secret to building a successful career. Make sure you put in your efforts and hard work into something that you’re truly passionate about and the rest will automatically follow. If you are a creative mind, there are a lot many options for you to choose in Arts. Most importantly have faith in your capabilities and march towards the success. Be unstoppable in every aspect. Do not let anything and anybody let you down in terms of career!

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