Piles, fissure, and fistula is a disease which has a root at indigestion. If the piles sufferers of the initial stage correct his diet and follow some Ayurvedic dincharya rules. Then it is possible to cure the disease without laser treatment for piles in Pune and also for fissure, fistula treatment.

Improper, hard stool, dry in consistency, takes a long time to expel out, unsatisfactory motion, these are the causes behind piles fissure and fistula. Simply changing the chewing and eating habits can cure the disease in the initial stages.

This solution can be list out as follows:-

1) Chew the Food Well: - As food particles are broken down into mouth in smaller particles it is easy for the body to propagate them forward. Mastication means chewing in the mouth is the process only takes place in the mouth there are no other chances for food particles to get grind further. Also in mouth food particles get mixed with saliva which makes food softer and easily propagates.

2) Quantity of Food: - Always left some parts of stomach empty don't eat full of the stomach out of 100% stomach 50% to be filled with food. 25 % with water 25% to be left for gases this type of quantity digest easily and stool form this digestion easily expel out.

Some people who eat late at night and sleep immediately have belching and early morning. Mouth odor with the smell of eaten food. They don’t feel fresh after a long sleep too. Also, bowel examination is not complete.

3) Drink Water While Talking Meal: - The body itself tries to keep the food particle wet by secreting saliva in the mouth and gastric juices in the stomach. Wet and liquid food propagates well in intestine and absorption is also good. But when this food is dry it to s hard to propagate and hard absorbs more nutrients from it. Intestine doesn’t allow in digest food to propagate fast. Hence constipation occurs.

4) Walking after Lunch Dinner: - Changing lifestyle contributes to this disease. Talking late-night dinner and go to sleep immediately after the lunch or dinner causes delaying indigestion. Making food particles to move slowly. That stuff becomes dry and hard causing constipation. If a person walks after the meal the bowel movements increase. Due to growing and movement, gastric emptying took place earlier so foodstuffs propagating and more gassoftend and easy to Expel out.

Prevents from Hemorrhoids
Changing your lifestyle and diet is the best way to prevent Life. Moving your body and eating healthy will help you keep your bowel movements regular.

Eat foods high in fiber (especially food from plants) and drink plenty of water to keep the digestion process correct and prevent constipation. Regular exercise and avoiding long-term sitting can also help prevent hem nuclei.

The most effective way to avoid constipation is to go to the bathroom when you first feel the urge. When you slow your bowel movement, your bowel reabsorbs water from your stool. This makes the stool difficult when you finally go.

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